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Accra is a city in West Africa, the capital of Ghana, on the Datearth world Nova. It was founded by pjb233 at an unknown date in early September. The city was originally in Songhai. The early history of Accra is unknown to the author of this article.


Approximately September 27th, 2019, BatBen1116 became Accra's second citizen. The day after he joined, pjb233 resigned from his position as mayor to form a new town. BatBen1116, being the only other citizen of this town, became the mayor, a position he held until November 15th, 2019.

BatBen1116 immediately began buiding up the city infrastructure, creating several farms in the town. This continued for about a week, until the current comayor Huhsz joined the town. He did massive amounts of mining, filling several chests with various stone-related materials. These materials were then used to build many more projects, such as the city wall and the altering of the river within the town borders.

In early October, BatBen1116 invited another citizen to the town. This would mark a major trend, and it continues to the point of this writing, with Accra being the fastest-growing city in Nova for several days in November.

Airport as seen from the runway

Today, Accra is one of the largest of the West African cities. Accra has changed nations four times. It began in Songhai, then it joined Avar just before the Avar-Nigerian War. A short time later, Accra left Avar due to some disagreements on how the country was run, as well as a desire to form a new country. It then joined the Oceanic Empire, in which it remained until it became the capital of Ghana on November 10th, 2019.

In the absense of the mayor, Accra was captured by the neighboring group known as Porto Novo, and became part of Benin for a while. The town fell into the new hands of a possibly inept leader, and its future was uncertain. Due to Porto Novo's controversy (pirating against new players, dog killing, pride) enemies of Porto Novo have sometimes attacked Accra due to joining Porto Novo. In addition, all airlines serving Accra ceased operations, and only the national carrier, Ghananian, continued services, maintaining an unbroken daily service between Accra and Porto Novo.

However, the town was sieged by Gweat Bwittanica, in order to regain the town. Just a few days prior, FlyNovus had started services again, and it launched a new airline, Songhai Airways, to connect Accra with Porto Novo and Agadaga to the north. However, the airport was closed during the siege.

When the siege ended, Airplaneguy9 became the town's new mayor. He intended to not change or build anything new, but to just focus on keeping the city up and running. By keeping the town bank low, the town was poor economically, but had just enough to keep afloat (around $100). The airport was reopened as an area where FlyNovus operated and built aircraft for the world.


Accra is a wheat and carrot producing powerhouse, and has recently begun mass-farming kelp, due to its coastal location. Combined with the creation of the Accra Int'l Airport, and the new creation of the country Ghana, Accra is beginning to work towards investing in foreign real estate and public shopping centers.

Accra Int'l Airport[]

Accra Int'l Airport was built by BatBen1116 and Airplaneguy9 on November 10, 2019. The terminal is made out of dark oak wood, and has three gates. It also has an immigration section, as Gate 1 is an international gate. The current 09/27 runway is 49 blocks long.

Airline To Status
FlyNovus Windau Active
FlyBrunei Brunei Active
Songhai Airways Porto Novo, Agadaga, Cape Town Active

Interior of terminal building