The Australian Nuclear War was a Nuclear Accident in the early days of Nova.

The First Bombs Edit

While the Norman Emperor, morte_rossa, was visiting the Australian_Empire's City of Calais, he and his co-kings got nuked by a Corrupt Australian Army General. The Emperor managed to survive the first blast. (i have no clue how i survived it but i did)[more info?]

The 2nd Nuke was dropped on the city of Blackhaven, the Norman capital city, killing the Emperor. The nuke was likely dropped by the same General.

The third nuke was dropped on Cairns. Not much is known about this bomb[info?]. The fourth was dropped on Calais, where 'explosions' were reported. The area was evacuated. Because the Norman Empire owned all but NYC, it decided to blame Carthage, as did NYC.

Retaliation Edit

It soon came to light that Australia had nuked the four towns. The Norman Empire immediately reacted to this and warred Australia. Japan warred the Normans with its nuclear bomb laden ally Zhao.

Meanwhile, the Hanseatic Republic fought back Nik after he decided to kill their leader cvkoning in Hamburg-Lübeck. They were victorious in chasing Nik away but around $5000 worth of missions was lost. They decided not to join the war yet because they were one of the few nations not to have armed themselves but they say they will join it when they do.

Berlin advertised a nuke bunker for those who wanted to hide. Russia, led by AchMine2K, also advertised a safely bunker.

Airplaneguy9 ordered the shutdown of all 6 existing Nova airlines. Due to Africa and Taiwan not participating, he decided to develop Cape Town and Taipei Airport, however, he proceeded with caution.

Three hours after the Calais bomb dropped, a fifth dropped onto Amsterdam.

The Normans Fight Back Edit

In the early hours of 4 October, Accessed dropped a hydrogen bomb on Handan. It had been suspected that Zhao had supplied The Army General with the bombs. In anger, Mendicity replied, stating that the Army General had not given him the bombs[more info about the war?].

After a close battle, where the australians nearly took a norman town in iceland, the war between Australia and Normandy ended, and the Normans decided to take war against Carthage[more info?].

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