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Bhutan is a town in the Himalayas led by Joosoli. It is a part of Daguo.



After owning 10 towns on past Datearth worlds as well as other servers, upon speculation of a new world, Joosoli decided that he would create Bhutan. Many of his past towns have become very populated and some of the biggest in the server's history, including San Francisco on World 1, Kherson on Nova, and Madison on Gladia. Unlike the other towns Joosoli has owned, Bhutan was planned to be and is more isolated, being nestled in between large mountains. It is also Joosoli's first town in Asia, other than his brief ownership of Davao in the Philippines on Polis.

Joining Daguo[]

Although Bhutan was planned to be a somewhat isolated town, Joosoli was interested in joining a nation so that he could interact with other people to make the game more interesting. So, when Polis was announced and Daguo was advertised on Discord, he decided to look into it. Already being friends with many people in Daguo as well as its leaders, Sandman and Korv, Joosoli decided that Bhutan would become a part of it. However, to protect Bhutan's mission of peace, it was given autonomous status.

First Days[]

When Polis was released, Joosoli joined Daguo City and worked to earn money to start his town. However, despite his efforts to create the town on Polis's first day, as a result of donating money towards the creation of Daguo, Joosoli was unable to secure enough capital in time. But, late at night, after conversing with his longtime friend Valyxia, he was given $800, the remaining amount he needed to make the town. Shortly afterwards, he founded the town at the site of Thimphu (Bhutan's capital in real life).

4 chunks were mined out to make way for Bhutan's farms. These are the last blocks being mined.

Later on, Joosoli met his friend, __Sand, on Polis, and asked him if he would want to join Bhutan. Sand said yes, and became Bhutan's first resident. Several days later, Xd_Hunter showed up at the town, asking to join it, and in the following days he did so. Bhutan also houses Aims66510_o and NYGiantsFan_77, some of Joosoli's other friends.

Work began on Bhutan's first building, the Tashichho Dzong (modeled after Bhutan's capital building in real life), as well as giant farms.

SergeantPanda Conflict[]

SergeantPanda and his friends at Bhutan, preparing to siege it.

On April 8th, SergeantPanda77 came to Bhutan to demand that Sand pay him $5,000, otherwise he threatened to siege the town. Sergeant claimed that Bhutan had taken a gun from him, although the town never interacted with him before, and in reality it was other people in Daguo who had killed him earlier in the day. Subsequently, leaders of Daguo and the Ottoman Empire, Sergeant's nation, were contacted. In the meantime, SergeantPanda and his friends came to Bhutan, preparing to start the siege, right before leaders of the two nations calmed tensions. It is not known why SergeantPanda sparred with Bhutan, since they were not involved.


Bhutan's main goal is to be a town that is as peaceful as possible. Physically, Bhutan strives to keep its mountainous atmosphere, and as such, it will create a town that has buildings not only on top of mountains, but also inside of them.

Future Plans[]

In the near future, Bhutan will complete its town hall as well as its farms. Later on, the townspeople plan to build an airport, iceway, river, and homes. Bhutan plans to eventually invite residents.