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Camp Ironwood was a town and Regional Capital of His Majesty's Government in South America (Greater Britannia) on the Nova Server and was home to the 1st Psychological Operations Squadron. They had 5 residents.

Camp Ironwood served as the regional capital for British South America. Camp Ironwood was also home to a Joint Counter-Terror Task Force and extensive intelligence network, with reach throughout large portions of South America and Europe. Camp Ironwood was built off one of the main Highways in South America and was responsible for maintaining these sections of Highway.

The Camp Ironwood Defence Force had an Urban Combat Course which it frequently used to train it's troops and members of the CI SAS. The Course could also be utilized by other Defence Forces of Greater Britannia and it's allies upon request.

Important Personnel[]

The administrative functions of the Camp Ironwood Government was led by the Cabinet, which was headed by the First Minister of Camp Ironwood, currently Air Commodore TeamTokes

Cabinet Ministers:[]

  • First Minister TeamTokes
  • Deputy First Minister Jayk_1406
  • Minister of Finances and Trade benistime
  • Minister of the Interior TeamTokes (acting)
  • Minister of Infrastructure Oddnopp
  • (Acting) Minister of Foreign Affairs benistime

Military Personnel[]

Air force:

  • Air Commodore TeamTokes
  • Squadron Leader benistime
  • Flight Lieutenant Jayk_1406
  • Flight Lieutenant Oddnopp


Army Provost Marshal:

  • Lieutenant Colonel bobaswim

Governor-General of Camp Ironwood[]

The Governor-General's Office handled the representation of the reigning monarch of Greater Britannia (Currently His Majesty the King Bwackjack) regarding minor constitutional and ceremonial roles where summoning his Majesty to perform said tasks would be impractical or interrupt the duties he was performing at the time. The Governor-General did not hold any direct power, but was instead a projection of His Majesty the King's Authority. The Governor-General may not go against His Majesty's direct orders as to do so would go against the Governor-General's official duty as a representative of The Crown.

The Governor-General; His Excellency Squadron Leader The Right Honourable benistime, was selected as Governor-General for his outstanding service to both Camp Ironwood, and the British Empire as a whole.

Governor-General's Oath:[]

"I, [name], solemly swear that I will represent His Majesty The King, serve in the best interests of Camp Ironwood, and annoy the hell out of ryebread, so help me God."

Security and Law Enforcement[]

General Security of the Camp Ironwood Air Force Base and surrounding town was provided by all branches of the Camp Ironwood Defence Force. The Camp Ironwood Air Force Base and town was under the jurisdiction of the Provost Marshall's Office, headed by Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col) bobaswim. Punishment was handled under the Provost Marshall's discretion.

There were seven players who are on the Outlaw List

Outlaw List:[]

  • Calvinator_2000
  • ryebread7923
  • iShockYou
  • Valaerune
  • JackieKeneddy
  • ZilentZtormZeven
  • SilentStormSeven
  • Haz5


All dates are dd/mm/yyyy.

  • Camp Ironwood was founded on the 21/07/2020.
  • They soon joined the USA, but after Ryebread7923's supposed betrayal, they felt unsafe and joined Brazil on 05/08/2020. On the same day, they are attacked by Rye and he states "You shouldn't have joined Brazil.". They resist but take heavy losses trying to defend.
  • During the war between Brazil, it's allies, and Russia, they commenced their first psychological operation, dropping papers saying "Down with Russia" and "Long live Brazil and it's allies" over siege zones on the 07/08/2020
  • On the 08/08/2020 Rye arrives at Camp Ironwood and attacks again. A town member enables PVP in a desperate attempt to get him to leave, but instead, Rye massacres the town residents and takes valuable Defence Force Property. No Formal Siege had been declared yet.
  • Camp Ironwood stages a trap on Brazil's enemies on 12/08/2020, initially attempting to kill Ryebread7923, but instead killing Rye's friend, iShockYou. iShockYou's items were looted, resulting in a fit of rage from Russian Officials, who then attempt to lay siege to Camp Ironwood, prompting the Battle for Camp Ironwood to take place over the next day.
  • 13/08/2020, Russia was defeated by the Allies and the siege ends in victory for Camp Ironwood.
  • On the 13/08/2020 they are officially granted the title of the 1st Psychological Operations Squadron of Brazil by Emperor Korv.
  • On 24/08/2020, Brazil merges with Greater Britannia, any ongoing Psychological Operations that are being conducted out of Camp Ironwood are suspended.
  • On 26/08/2020, they killed a Soldier of the United States, due to outdated orders previously issued by the now-defunct Brazilian High Command. However, they did come to a peaceful agreement and no true harm was done.
  • On the 30/08/2020, the 1st PSYOPS Sqn. was reauthorized for use along-side the British Armed Forces
  • On the 6/10/2020, Camp Ironwood once again came under siege, this time by the nation of Greater Brazil. Within minutes of the siege beginning, allies and nation members of Greater Britannia came to the aid of the Camp Ironwood Defence Forces, managing to successfully hold off the enemy at the siege banner for one whole day before the enemy surrendered. Marking the end of the Second Battle for Camp Ironwood.
  • On the 1/11/2020, the 1st PSYOPS Sqn. was suspended due to lack or personnel, with a disbandment being set for early 2021.
  • On the 7/11/2020, a temporary provisional government was established. With the purpose of revitalizing Camp Ironwood.
  • On the 18/11/20, former ministers Oddnopp and benistime returned to Camp Ironwood, filling in vacant government roles
  • On that same day, newly recruited town member Mattynator stole important artifacts from the Museum and fled the country
  • On the 20/11/20, SilentStormSeven deployed two Nuclear Weapons against the Citizens of Camp Ironwood, there were two casualties.
  • On the 22/11/20, the 1st PSYOPS Sqn. was reauthorized for continued service.
  • On the 30/11/20, Ryebread7923 (A well documented enemy of Camp Ironwood) deployed a Nuclear Strike on unsuspecting citizens of Camp Ironwood. In an operational first, the Camp Ironwood Special Air Service conducted a retaliatory strike on Ryebread himself in his town of Rutherford, managing to kill him and two others. This action resulted in a short siege that was dealt with through swift negotiations.
  • On the 20/12/20, Squadron Leader benistime was sworn in as the First Governor-General of Camp Ironwood
  • On the 31/12/20, Camp Ironwood began Operation Iron Comb. A joint Anti-Terror mission in conjunction with troops from the Republic of Crimea.
  • On the 2/02/21, Long Time town member, Minister for Internal Affairs Flight Sergeant Geltoo was promoted to Governor of British Town, Outpost Alpha.
  • On the 8/2/21, Camp Ironwood was crowned the Regional Capital of British South America during a Ceremony at the Capitol Building.
  • On the 13/3/21, the Cabinet enacted Operation Burning Curtain, the planned final defence of Camp Ironwood during the "Datearth Nova Party".
  • On the 14/3/21, at 12pm New Zealand Time (11pm GMT) Datearth Nova, and the Original Camp Ironwood, was closed permanently.

Military Operations and Units[]

1st Psychological Operations Squadron[]

The primary objective of the 1st Psychological Operations Squadron (1st PSYOPS Sqn.) was to Persuade, Expose, and Strike Fear into the heart of Greater Britannia's (And former Brazil)'s enemies. The 1st PSYOPS Sqn. does this by dropping leaflets on the enemy and broadcasting messages from Military Aircraft. The Squadron was not a direct combat squadron, but rather a support unit, tasked with keeping allied troops morale up, whilst wearing away at that of the opponents. Headed by Air Commodore (Air Cmdre) TeamTokes, with support from Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr) benistime the unit had contributed to many engagements, including the Siege on New Tokyo and Volgograd.

Camp Ironwood Special Air Service[]

The Camp Ironwood Special Air Service (CI SAS) was the Special Forces branch of the Camp Ironwood Defence Force. It was trained in the use of Tactical and Nuclear Weaponry as well as Stealth and Counter-Terror Operations. Members of the CI SAS are kept confidential to keep national secrets and avoid their capture and interrogation.

Operation Burning Curtain and Camp Ironwood's Final Hours[]

Camp Ironwood Defence Sectors

On the 13th of March, the Cabinet of Camp Ironwood enacted Operation Burning Curtain, a Defence Force Operation with the objective of defending Camp Ironwood's property to the last second. Preparation began immediately, with Sandbags and Fortifications going up around the town, and a blackout across all buildings in the City.

Camp Ironwood was divided into four sectors for the management of resources during the Operation. Those Sectors were:

BLACK - Outer Border Area and Jungle

GOLD - Capitol Building and House of Representatives

BLUE - City Centre

RED - Air Force Base and Operation Headquarters

Each Sector was assigned a Battle Group consisting of 1-2 players and would all operate via orders from HQ. In the minutes leading up to the "Nova Party", the Official Camp Ironwood and Greater Britannia's Ensigns were lowered from the Flagpole and burned to symbolize the collapse of the Old World and prevent their looting during the possible upcoming battle.

Because the final operation was a sucess, Camp Ironwood officially never lost a siege or battle in it's long history on Nova.