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The history of the citizens in Savoy

Savoy was founded in Oct. 2019 by Forbrsthegreat. His younger sister Theretrodragon soon joined his small hopeful village. They had fled their home village after all their valuables went missing from chest that were safely inside there houses.

Forbesthegreat then convinced his older sister MEedg to join his world and village. MEedg had a knack for being murdered by gun toting villains just steps outside the small village. Two days and many times being killed, Forbesthebest gave MEedg an iron pick, iron armor and sent her to mine at the appointed mine level. MEedg fell in love with the mine. MEedg started only going above ground to be supplied with wood for pick handles from Forbesthegreat. The two and a half months of mining brought rewards of ores and rocks of great value. Railway travel in the mine went 4000 blocks and the mine tunnel made it all the way around the Nova map. The town members decided that faster travel was needed to get those hidden diamonds. Forbesthegreat started collecting ice for an ice-way in the mine after collecting only a fraction of the ice needed he was banned from Nova for taking to much ice. To this day the ice-way is but a dream with only a short skiff of ice. This was very upsetting to all town members at the end of the ban MEedg was the mayor of Savoy. Forbesthegreat returned to Nova and was betrayed by MEedg who refused to relinquish the title of mayor.

Once MEedg became the major she left her loved mine and began building so that Savoy could be a beautiful safe haven for others. MEedg continued work on the Temple Forbersthegreat started. Mayor MEedg has also added a library, airport, house stable, tower farms and many underground projects.

Theretrodragon left Nova and joined her brother in a different realm A family divided.

Terrifiedpickaxe and MEedg spent many hours on mars collecting quarts for the buildings in Savoy. This has given Savoy three beacons to mark the sites.

Puretea , Pureicetea, terrifiedpickaxe, XAstral-KnightX, UbaCbw are other notable town members. There have been other honorable Novians who made Savoy there home but who's names have been lost to time.

Savoy has also been attacked by Novians pretending to want a home but who take what they can grab and leave. The most severe of these attacks had lava covering the temple. Savoy has also lost a large amount of gold to these attacks. The town members worked pick in hand to remove the mess and to this day celebrate the day of the Temple restoration.

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