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Kelpism is a monotheistic religion primarily practiced in the State of Antarctica. The religion is headed by the Bishop of Mygeeto, also known as the Archbishop of Kelp. The beliefs of Kelpism are found in the Kelp Chronicles.The Kelpist Church teaches that its founder, DanMongrol, encountered their god, Algarum, while lost at sea. There, DanMongrol was given divine inspiration from Algarum on how to better the world through kelp. Kelpists believe that through the worship and digestion of kelp can they rid themselves of sin and ascend to kelp fields of the Great Sea.

History Edit

Origins of Kelpism Edit

The Kelpist Church was not originally from the Datearth Gladia server, it originated from a now defunct server who's name has been lost to the sand of time. What information that is left in the church's old tomes is that Kelpism was an oppressed religious group in a large empire known as the Cuban Empire. Though the Kelpist Church was oppressed, they were given a small area of land by the Cuban emperor. The Kelpists named their home Kelp Bay and lived in peace. In Kelp Bay, almost every structure was made of kelp as the Kelpists believed that would bring them closer to Algarum. The Kelpists obesseion with kelp actually benefited the Cuban Empire, as it became a major exporter of kelp.

The Dark Age Edit

Not much historical information has survived from this period of time for the Kelp Church. Most information has been passed down through word of mouth from surviving Kelpists. According to old Kelpists, the Cuban Empire that the original church had been situated in began to fall apart to some sort of internal rebellion. Because of Kelp Bay's close proximity to the capital the Kelpists' home was swept up in the conflict. Those that could fled from the Cuban Empire in many different directions, leaving the church unorganized as leadership had essentially crumbled away along with the empire.

The New Church Edit

After almost a year of wandering, a group of Kelpists led by Archbishop DanMongrol decided to join an expedition to settle in the icy region in Antarctica. The Kelpists with their knowledge of growing kelp helped greatly during the initial stage of establishing a source of food for the colonists of Mygeeto. As a result, Kelpists are allowed to practice freely in the State of Antarctica, with Mygeeto being considered a holy site for the religion.

Present Time Edit

Sadly, the Church of Kelp is now dysfunctional. But a new day arises, one where all Kelpists can come together and be strong and be one. The Church of Kelp will be restarted by local fool, KekyoinGamer313. Do not worry brothers and sisters, we've had a dark past but that will be solved. We are like the Pheonix, rising from our kelpy ashes to a new wet and green world!

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