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The Daguo National Flag

Daguo, the Chinese Empire, or simply China, is a nation based in South Asia led by Emperor SandmanTM III. This nation strives for peace in Asia and focuses on construction and trade. Daguo was the first nation created on Polis and it's capital (Hainan) was one of the first towns created on Polis.

Brief History

During its time on Polis, the nation of Daguo has had 3 kings and 4 separate Dynasties. Emperor Sandman I founded Daguo and valued peace, diplomacy, and agricultural growth. After his exile, King Dubby I lead the nation. Dubby valued tough diplomacy and asserting the power of Daguo but ended up being forced to temporarily disband the nation, leaving it leaderless. Soon after, King Sandman returned, beginning his second Dynasty as King Sandman II. Unfortunately, this dynasty began with a grueling civil war that left the King unwilling to lead the nation, thus the kingship was transferred to Korv, the nations military commander. Emperor Korv valued a strong military, simple diplomacy, and an extremely strong central government. After Korv's abdication, the nation was handed back over to SandmanTM.

Daguo Government[]

The government of Daguo consists of three main branches. The Parliament, the Ministry, and the Royal Family.


The Parliament is the lowest section of the government. Members of the Parliament are elected by the citizens of Daguo every month as a single term for Parliament members lasts one month. The Parliament is able to enact laws through a voting system or begin national projects such as infrastructure construction. If a Parliament member become eligible to be elected as a Minister after their first term has ended.


The Ministry is the second section of the government. As of April 11, 2021, there may be up to 5 Ministers at a time. One for each section of which they specialize. Currently, Daguo has departments ran by a Minister for diplomacy, construction, war/military, the economy, and infrastructure. The ministry may also enact laws, similar to the Parliament.

Prime Minister[]

The ministry also includes the Prime Minister. After 1 month (one term for a minister), a sitting minister may be elected as the Prime Minister of Daguo. The Prime Minister administrates all sections of the government and works closely with the Royal Family to ensure a stable and balanced nation. The Prime Ministers term lasts 2 months, and after one term has passed, they must be re-elected or invited into the Royal Family.

Royal Family[]

The Royal Family heads the government, the military, and the nation itself. The Royal Family has the ability to veto any laws passed by Parliament/Ministry. The Royal Family also has the ability to invite members of either the high government, (Prime Minister) or the military high command, (Chief of Staff, Warlord, Generals) into the Royal Family as a Prince/Princess. The Royal Family holds the most power in the nation.


The Emperor of Daguo holds the most power and has a large say in how the nation is run, as well as holding jurisdiction over the entire empire. The emperor decides how the government will be set up and is consulted before any change. The Emperor is to be listened to and respected above all else. The Emperor has the largest responsibility and is the official leader of the Government and the supreme commander of the military.


The King of Daguo holds nearly the same power that the Emperor does, just over a smaller section of land. A Daguo King holds jurisdiction over a section of land within Daguo's borders. The King of the land receives Co-King in-game and has the authority to construct and lead the people living there how they choose. All Kings must still pledge allegiance to the Emperor, who holds jurisdiction over all lands.

Kingdom System[]

Emperor Korv implemented the Kingdom System, which saw Daguo's territory split up into 7 sections (Hainan, Southern China, Eastern China, Western China, Mongolia, Manchuria, Korea). Each section of territory was entrusted under the leadership of a 'king' of sorts. The king of each territory had the ability to regulate trade and construction projects within their land. This separation of powers saw Daguo's central government become stronger as each section of territory had the ability to change at will. Although the King of each land holds much power, the Emperor still holds jurisdiction over the entire empire.

Mandate of Heaven[]

The Mandate of Heaven is second-in-command to the Emperor and holds the same values and powers. They are destined to become the next leader of the nation.


A Prince or Princess may lead a section of the Government if selected to do so by the Emperor/Mandate and if they have experience in said section. Out of the Princes/Princesses, a Mandate of Heaven is chosen when the leadership changes.

Landmarks and Monuments[]

Wuzhi Manor[]

Wuzhi Manor.png

Wuzhi Manor, built by Korv_ on June 17, 2021 was the first official building in the city of Hainan. The manor was named after the largest mountain in Hainan and stands as the official Capital building of Hainan and the Empire of Daguo.

The Great Wall of Hainan[]

Hainan Wall.png

The Great Wall of Hainan was built between July 8 and July 11, 2021. The wall served as the capital cities first line of Defense, as the wall contains countless trapdoors and defensive positions made to defend against an attack. The wall is still under construction on the inside, but is somewhat functional.

2022-01-15 14.45.34.png

The Great Church Of Daguo[]

The Great Church of Daguo was constructed between January 12-15 by Korv_. The Church serves as the religious center of the nation and is where all coronations and ceremonies take place.

2022-01-15 14.45.28.png


Emperor Sandman I - Sand Dynasty[]

When the Nation had official formed, Emperor SandmanTM I headed it as mayor of its capital; Daguo City, and the official Emperor of Daguo. SandmanTM valued holding peace with other nations, ensuring a happy populace, and securing democratic actions within the nation.

Daguo Protectorates[]

2nd Commonwealth[]

On March 27, 2021, the town of Boston officially became a protectorate of Daguo. A town based in North America, with a clear disconnect from the Chinese mainland was allowed semi-autonomy from Daguo City. The residents of Boston were allowed to participate in Chinese politics throughout their time under Daguo rule.

Boston increased their autonomy when they created an official nation on April 3, 2021: The 2nd Commonwealth.


On April 2, 2021, the town of Sydney increased their autonomy and created the nation of Australia. Similar to the 2nd Commonwealth, they still were allowed to participate in Daguo politics and be a part of the military.

The April Coup[]

On April 4th, 2021, a small group of Daguo residents consisting of Mandate KorvTM and parliament members Pog__, BoopTM, and Boulderpop attempted to seize leadership of the nation after a discussion with the sitting Emperor: SandmanTM. The request was made to the Emperor to abdicate and be replaced by the Mandate to avoid an impending war with Polaris and the Ottoman Empire. Their request was denied by the Emperor.

Daguo-Vrystaat War[]

After numerous conflicts between Daguo and Vrystaat over who had rights to the diamond mines in South Africa, small skirmishes developed into a full blown war. On April 4, 2021, Daguo City sent a message to Bloemfontein, the capital of Vrystaat, informing them that if they do not merge into Daguo, they would be attacked. BlendTM, the leader of Vrystaat, sent a message back rejecting the offer and in turn, Daguo declared their first war on Vrystaat. Following the declaration and the siege laid to Bloemfontein, the Ottoman Empire and the nation of Polaris chose to assist Daguo.

The Battle of Bloemfontein[]

Bloemfontein, the capital of Vrystaat, was the first target and the first town attacked by Daguo. The siege began as a quiet attack, with the attackers waiting for any residents to come out from the town and attack. After a few hours, volunteers from the Southern States assisted Vrystaat and began a large scale offensive. This long battle resulted in heavy casualties and ended up favoring the defenders, bringing the siege incredibly close.

The Siege on Durban[]

After the siege on Bloemfontein began, Daguo's close ally, Arabia, looked east to attack the small town of Durban. Because the capital of Vrystaat had been moved east to Durban, this town was a strategic area to attack. The siege began as a massacre, as the attackers ravaged the town and its residents.


On April 5, 2021, Vrystaat began peace talks with Daguo leadership. After a long conversation, white peace was decided. Vrystaat surrendered all sieges and a small shipment of weapons was sent from Daguo as a reparation. The nations ended their hostilities.

Busan's Secession[]

On April 6th, 2021, the town of Busan seceded from Daguo to form the self-proclaimed trade nation of Joseon. The nation immediately allied with Ottoman Empire, Polaris, and North Sea Empire. The reason behind this were claims of oppression by the leaders of Daguo.

Daguo-Southern States War[]

After Daguo's minor involvement in the Polaris-Southern States war had enraged the Southerners, they looked to attack Daguo as revenge. On April 6, 2021, the Southern States declared war on Daguo and attacked their European holdings, specifically the large town of Transylvania. The siege began as a blowout favoring the attackers. Regardless, the Southern States were forced to hire soldiers from other nations to ensure victory. The attackers used traps, up-close jabs, and other unusual tactics to defeat the large and unorganized Daguo. After two days of violent war, the owner of Transylvania surrendered thus ending the conflict.

The Fall of the Global Empire[]

On April 7, 2021, after Daguo's failure to defend Transylvania and their failure to keep terrorists away from the 2nd Commonwealth, the Royal Family declared the release of all protectorate nations due to their incompetent army and rising tensions with England and the Southern States. They declared that all towns outside mainland china are free to leave and are under less protection.

Korv's Departure[]

On April 12, 2021, Coking and Manate of Heaven, Korv_, said his goodbyes to Daguo as Hainan left to join Polaris. This departure was due to constant infighting within the Daguo government. After the failure on the defense of Transylvania, Korv_ was labelled by Head of Economics, Dubbykt, as a joke of a military leader, thus Korv fled the nation. Following this, Daguo tried to participate in local sieges, but failed miserably as the militaries incompetence was still present.

The Daguo Collapse[]

On April 15-16, 2021, internal affair tensions grew to an all time high, especially after the nations ex-military leader and Mandate: Korv_, left the nation and fled to South America. Following this, another coup was attempted by LopTM, a citizen with a strong rhetoric and public opinions, Joosoli, the nations highest Diplomat and minister, and Dubbykt, the nations Prince and head of economics. This coup was successful as the sitting Emperor; SandmanTM, abdicated and joined KorvTM_in Brazil. Many notable players had followed suit, including parliament members BoopTM and Boulderpop, the town of Sandarctica, the Metropolis of Taipei, and many other residents. This caused the stability of Daguo to hit an all-time low and the government to be dysfunctional and the military completely empty, essentially collapsing the nation as a whole temporarily.

King Dubby I - Dubby Dynasty[]

After many notable Daguo residents left, King Dubbykt I was left to lead the nation.

The End of Daguo[]

After many notable players left Daguo to join the Empire of Brazil, Daguo became very wary about a Brazilian invasion. On April 18, 2021, the USA and North Sea Empire merged together to form the Global Federation. This new superpower was one Polis had never seen before, especially once Daguo decided it would be best to merge into the Global Federation. The first nation created on Polis was deleted that day.

King Sandman II - Xindaguo[]

After Daguo's members either split off and joined the Global Federation, sailed to Brazil alongside Korv, or joined Dubbykt´s new nation (China), pog__, a previous parliament member of the original Daguo government seized control of Daguo City and founded Xindaguo, a supposed restart of the original Daguo nation. After a week, SandmanTM fled Brazil and re-joined Daguo City, thus beginning his second reign over the nation.

The Great Chinese Civil War[]

After Xindaguo's ex-coking, Dubbykt, deleted the original Daguo and created their own nation called China, tensions began to rise.

Invasion of China - Siege on Nanchang[]

Xindaguo looked to secure their western holdings and invaded China, laying siege to the town of Nanchang. This siege failed miserably as the waves of Xindaguo attackers failed to break the Chinese lines.

Chinese Offensive on Daguo City[]

Two days later, on May 13. the nation of Hawaii rushed to China's side and laid siege to the capital of Xindaguo: Daguo City. The Chinese offensive failed as Xindaguo defenders held their ground for three days before the siege subsided.

Xindaguo Offensive on Beijing[]

Following this, Xindaguo began their second offensive campaign, pushing north towards Beijing and laying siege to the city. This siege began in great favor of the attackers.

China Surrender - End of War[]

After over 2 days of fighting, the nation of China complied to an agreement set forth by Xindaguo. China paid Xindaguo $15000 in war reperations, China surrendered Beijing, a non-aggression pact was made between the nations, and the nations agreed for a future alliance to be made.

The Luoyang Ultimatum[]

After the surrender of China in the Great Chinese Civil War, tensions continued to rise, border conflicts sprung up, and skirmishes occurred daily. Not wanting a repeat of the previous gruesome civil war, China, led by Dubbykt, officially sent the Luoyang Ultimatum to the Xindaguo government. The ultimatum demanded the transfer of the towns Luoyang, Kaifeng, Potato Valley, Chongqing, Hainan, and Urumqi. The ultimatum was immediately rejected by Xindaguo and it seemed inevitable that a second civil war was to begin as China set siege to Daguo City itself. Following this attack, the Xindaguo government surrendered the town and accepted the previous terms, losing 90% of their land, citizens, and leaving Xindaguo with nothing but their capital city.

Daguo Rebirth[]

After losing near everything they once had due to the Luoyang Ultimatum, Xindaguo's few residents, including the previously exiled military leader Korv, made the choice to rename their nation back to its successor; Daguo. Following this, a period of reconstruction on Daguo City began as the nation struggled to compete with those around them. With no allies, no land, and no army, Daguo was thrown into a period of chaos.

Emperor Korv I - Korv Dynasty[]

After months of chaos and all members of Daguo being unmotivated, the construction of a new capital city began in early June of 2021. Hainan, owned by Korv_ was soon to become the new capital of Daguo making Korv the third king of Daguo, and Korv I. After regrouping with old members, the nation was officially reborn on July 9, 2021. The nation refocused themselves less on foreign affairs, war, and build up, and moved towards a more agricultural outlook, focusing on constructing eye-appealing and useful buildings as well as building other various structures around Asia. During this time, Daguo was a vassal state under China. October 30th and the war against Nanyue saw King Korv become the second Emperor of Daguo after the unification of south china. Daguo saw one of its most successful, active, enjoyable, and powerful eras under the leadership of Emperor Korv.

Inactivity Period[]

From July 16, 2021 to September 13, 2021, Daguo completely dropped in activity. Every resident of Daguo no longer played the server and those that still did left the nation. There was a small period in early August where New Zealand threatened Daguo with war if they did not completely remove a specific member of the capital city. This conflict was quickly resolved and war was averted. September 14, 2021, King Korv, the leader of Daguo, and SandmanTM, the ex-leader of Daguo returned to the server, hoping to reignite motivation to build the nation again.

Independence From China[]

On September 15, 2021, Daguo was granted full, unrestricted independence from China. Daguo was now allowed to participate in any wars they please, utilize a Daguo-specific foreign policy, and pass their own laws.

Daguo-Aquitaine War[]

On October 22, 2021, the nation of Aquitaine led by Armotik declared war on the inactive Daguo and set siege to their capital, Hainan. Peace talks were attempted, but failed. Surprisingly, the siege consisted of zero fighting resulting in Daguo's victory.

Siege of Anabasis[]

On October 29, 2021, Daguo responded to the failed attack on Hainan by attacking Aquitaine directly at their capital, Anabasis.

Daguo Expansion[]

Daguo, after successfully defending their capital and holding their own, looked to retake sections of their old empire.

Siege of Silaendeu[]

North of Daguo City was the town of Silaendeu. The town was incredibly small and was the capital of an inactive nation. The Daguo military set siege to the town on October 24, 2021.

Daguo-Nanyue War[]

On October 26, 2021, Daguo furthered its expansion by attacking the nearby nation of Nanyue, beginning at their capital, Guangzhou. This war ended with the defeat of Nanyue due to sieges from other nations elsewhere. The King of Nanyue was given two options; join or die. Nanyue promptly responded by merging with Daguo, therefore unifying southern china on October 30th.

Coronation of Prince Hyper[]

On October 26, 2021, Daguo required a stronger central government. Hyper, from the Ottoman Empire, joined Daguo as a war general, but was immediately crowned as Prince. Hyper spearheaded the northern expansion into China.

Unification of Southern China[]

After Daguo's victory against Nanyue, the defeated nation chose to join Daguo, rather than to be ruined by them. Because of this decision, southern China was unified under King Korv and Daguo. The vast territory Daguo now ruled over allowed King Korv to claim the throne of Emperor, becoming the second Emperor of Daguo.

The Korean Purchase[]

Daguo's success in the re-unification of mainland China was extremely successful, but they continued to look outwards to the lands of Manchuria and Korea. Daguo used the fact that they used to have control over these lands as leverage to make deals with nearby nations. On November 6, 2021, Daguo guaranteed the independence of IrishCorp as an exchange for their Asian colonies in Manchuria and North Korea. They then paid the Windmillian Reich $13,500 for their land in Asia, therefore unifying Korea and southern Manchuria.

Treaty Of Hainan[]

On February 3, 2022, the capital of Daguo, Hainan, was attacked by the nation known as McDonalds, led by Buildersam4 and IceFoxGames. Daguo had remained undoubtedly peaceful for the months previous to this attack, and there was no known cause as to why the town was attacked. The two nations immediately entered peace talks, formulating a treaty that ended the short war between the two nations, with McDonalds leaving the territory if Daguo sent them a weapons shipment and a large sum of cash. The stipulations were obliged and the bloodless war ended.

Peaceful Era[]

On February 26, the nation was handed back to SandmanTM for a short while after many diplomatic failures overseas. The nations now ex-capital Hainan, was built up beautifully, containing the largest and most significant landmarks in Asia. In fear of losing these possessions from an attack, Korv, the sitting Emperor, declared Hainan to be a peaceful town.

Daguo's Return[]

On March 22, 2022, Emperor Korv I alongside Hyper, the nations greatest General, declared Hainan and Daguo to no longer be peaceful and began plans for the future of the old nation.

Daguo-Nicaraguan War[]

On April 2, 2022, an army from the nation of Nocaragua declared war on Daguo by attacking the capital town of Hainan.

The Third Siege of Hainan[]

The Daguo-Nicaraguan War began with the third attack on Hainan in history. Members from the United States, (add other nations when able) and many other nations came to assist the ancient nation. THe first day saw ample amounts of fighting, keeping the defenders in the lead by mid-day. Following the initial battle, no fighting resumed resulting in a Daguo victory. This marked the third successful defense of Hainan against foreign aggressors.

Notable Players[]

Through Daguo's long history, many of its members rose to fame, being an influential part of its history.


SandmanTM was Daguo's founder and first Emperor. When the SandmanTM valued holding peace with other nations, ensuring a happy populace, and securing democratic actions within the nation. Sandman is responsible for getting the nation off of its feet and becoming known worldwide.


When the nation formed, Korv, alongside SandmanTM, co-founded the nation and was named Mandate Of Heaven when it was formed. During this time, Korv was also the military leader, leading sieges, training soldiers, and organizing the nations forces. He is known for building multiple, large-scale landmarks in Asia. After SandmanTM's second abdication, Korv led the nation into one of its most active eras and abdicated on February 26, 2022.


Hyper did not originally assist in forming Daguo, but joined once Korv became Emperor. Hyper spearheaded Daguo's largest expansion it had ever seen, being the nations most exceptional fighter and greatest general. Hyper is also known for his leadership in the Daguo-Nicaraguan War, taking control of the nations military in absence of the Emperor.