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Elysia is the eighth Datearth world released on Datblock, opened on March 22, 2020. It was made to allow players who did not want war to play peacefully. It features 1.15 features without PVP, war, vehicles, or guns.


=====Elysia originally launched on Saturday March 22, 2020, but due do extreme technical issues, the servers launch was postponed to the next day. The official server on launch had over 130 players either in game or in the queue. Within 5 hours of launch, players had stepped on every content, towns were being made, and players were already acquiring things like mending villagers, thousands of dollars, and much more. The first nation was Cascadia, founded by Olympian joemachine. Other notable nations include The Japanese Empire, The Scottish Empire, Britannia, Spain, the Dutch Republic, Massachusetts, China, Korean Empire, and the United States. Soon after the server launched A race to the Americas commenced, and as a result of this race, Boston was the first town established in the Americas, soon becoming a base for many players heading westward.

The Falkland Islands Dispute[]

On March 24, 2020, a group of 3 settlers arrived on the Falklands building a house and a small chicken farm. 2 days later, the group hadn't amassed the 2000 dollars needed to found a town as new player arrived on the Falklands creating a town nearby. This automatically caused disputes and conflict between the two groups. Later that day, the same new settlers began to steal and loot from the 3 players which worsened the conflict. The original settler band to found a town with a different name joining the nation of Britannia. This dispute was quickly resolved when an agreement was reached and the 3 original settlers left to found a town on West Falkland.

The Elysian Crusades[]

The Elysian Crusades were a series of Christian religious and military expeditions across the Eastern Mediterranean during March-May. They were started by the Grandmaster of the Knights of Rhodes. He was a zealous leader, calling upon all loyal followers of Christ to go up in arms in order to convert the Mediterranean to Christianity.

The first Elysian Crusade was launched, with around 5-8 people involved in the Crusade. The target of the Crusade was in Alexandria, Egypt. The Crusaders began shouting in the streets 'Deus Vult!' and other Crusading slogans. Following their march in the city, they decided to build a chapel on the outskirts of the city.

Following the First Elysian Crusade, the trend had not gained steam since then, with only minor missionary journeys to places as far as Madrid and Carthage. However, around 4-6 people were mustered by the Grandmaster once more to seal his legacy, as he would later on be known as 'A_Crusader_Boi' on the Gladia server, with the dream of ruling Wales. The target of the Crusade was Cyprus, for it was a ripe target for the Crusader army. Unlike the previous major Crusade, the force that landed on Cyprus was well-equipped in iron and diamond gear. They had directly demanded to the inhabitants for them to embrace Christ as their Lord and to be subject to the future nation that the Grandmaster dreamed to create (which was never created) of the Crusader States of the Orient. After the mayor refused, the Crusaders began laying waste to the unclaimed farmlands of Cyprus. Looting, griefing, and all-round Medieval Crusading business. Although the Egyptians intervened, led by their Pharaoh, and with their superior might, the Crusaders were driven out.

And so, these seemingly insignificant Holy Wars came to a close.

The Dark Ages[]

The Dark ages of Elysia have been the result of many factors, including the rise of super nations like Byzatium, and Fire_Nation, as well as the end of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and players were losing interest, the map link is still on the website maps page[1] but you can no longer access it in-game and the map link no longer works, suggesting it's dead.

The rise of Byzantium[]

During the third week of April, the nations of Spain, Carthage, and The Netherlands merged to create the Roman Empire with its capital at Sidon, lead by Byt_e, it prospered for two weeks, until during the first week of May, power was transferred to player lightfish (of the town of Carthago). He decided to merge with Byzatium, led by GoldenFlames, creating the biggest nation to exist in Elysia history, Byzantium. Many are considering to break away from the nation, due to nationalism.

The fall of Bahrain[]

Once part of the prospering country of America, the leader of Bahrain pull a British move and left the nation. Bahrain is known to be the home of YouAreNotSpecial, one of the Grand Merchants of the server. YouAreNotSpecial, or Yans for short brought great prosperity and human traffic to the town of Bahrain with his flagship store: The Seven Eleven of Bahrain. However, Yans began to feel more and more dissatisfied with the leadership of Bahrain and eventually relocated his flagship shop to Doha, a neighboring town of Bahrain. The town never recovered to the level of wealth that it enjoyed for many months under Yans.

Birth of the Korea-Japan alliance & Greater East Asian Empire[]

After the Dark Ages of Elysia, the global military tension started to increase, mostly because of the Roman Empire and Byzantium. The two most powerful nations in the East Asian region both agreed that to protect themselves from the enemy is to gain its military power. Because of this concern, the Korean Empire and Japanese Empire signed a Korea-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty on June 28th, 2020. Even more, two nations thought that it is better to make two great nations into one. On July 3rd, 2020, both countries signed the Treaty of Busan. The treaty contained three conditions: 1. The capital of the Greater East Asian Empire will be Kyoto, however, the judicial branch and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will remain in Busan. 2. Both countries can cancel the treaty in any condition. 3. Both countries' military will protect citizens within the Empire, regardless of their nationality, shall be protected.

Five Great Merchants of Elysia[]


YouAreNotSpecial, aka Yans, involved in many businesses from everything ranging from potions to wood. However, he got his first big break from selling concrete. Concrete-making is a long and costly process that involves many hours of resources gather and manual placement of concrete powder in order to convert to harden concrete. Yans saw the prices of common goods such as ores and wood took a sharp dive due to the easy nature of mining and farming for wood. He saw the opportunity in concrete sales and designed a Redstone contraption that lower the time of concrete production by nearly tenfold. His innovations drew in other competitors in the concrete business. He is known to this day as the founder of concrete.

However, concrete wasn't all that Yans was known for. Yans knew he couldn't compete with the veteran and established merchant. As a result, Yans decided to bring the power of marketing into the server. By using popular franchise in the real world, Yans took advantage of the fact that most people know about branding such as 7/11 and Starbuck just to name a few. In his lifetime in the server, he built an Apple store that sold Redstone components, Starbuck store that sold potions, Home Depot that sold building materials, Adidas store that sold enchanted armor good. While in terms of wealth, Yans was the lowest ranking among the 5 Great Merchants. Yans was easily the most recognizable face and held one of the highest branding power in the server. 7/11 posters was seen all over the server with most server-wide event sponsered by Yans himself. Notable mentions are the UN building at Boston, the protoype National Mall at Jacksonville, America.

The real money maker was Yans' wildly successful mystery boxes. With a shulker shell supplier and the backing of his home nation of the Korean Empire, Yans was able to create mystery boxes that contains everything from everyday building blocks to even beacons, the most expensive item in the server. The boxes were reasonably priced, with customers often making back the money they paid for the box. However, despite the booming business, Yans was not having the best time of his life. He often spent most of his time grinding for resources to put in these boxes. Eventually, Yans stopped the productions of the mystery boxes and focuses his effort elsewhere.

Due to a conflict with a server admin, Yans would later take a break from the server. When he came back after a month, the server was not the same as he left it. The economic situation of the server was worsened and due to his absence in the server, a new player took over as the Richest person on the server. His town Degran was built on literal Gold and Prismarine modeled after the mythical city of Atlantis. The mastermind behind Degran would later contribute to the fall of the economy.

Mastermind of Degran[]

Having one of the highest rank in the game, Mastermind of Degran aka Mod, was able to rise quickly amongst the economic ladder of the server. With the rank, came enormous of amount of money and shop that Mod quickly setup. In a great contrast to Yans, little was known about Mod. Mod more than makes up for it by greatly undercuts competitor and simply sold the same product at a much lower cost. Mod was able to divert nearly all of traffic to Degran which sold basically everything in the server. Everyone been to the shop before for purchases. If you can't find it in Degran, the chance is that you can't find it anywhere else. Degran was the only big shop that was able to constantly resupply at a rate much quicker than its smaller competitors. Mod rarely get involved in any server wide events and never really had a collaboration with the other smaller merchant. The only known exceptions are collaborations among the 5 Grand Merchants. For example, Degran is the said shulker supplier of Yans' mystery boxes. However, it is still rare to see Mod outside of his town. Many suspected that Mod hired many people to help resupply his shop every single day. Some suspected that he is botting and using hack client. However, since the closure of the server due to the negligence of Datblock owners and admins, we may never know how someone could take over the server in such a fast and quick fashion.

Bobthegnome (Ironmongoer)[]

Perhaps one of the most infamous member of the server, Bobthegnome aka bob is one of the biggest reason for the tanking in prices of ores such as iron, gold and diamonds.