FlyNovus Airline Services (Pty) Ltd (NAAC: NV), trading as FlyNovus, is an airline that operates to destinations throughout Nova from its headquarters at Windau. It was the most famous and largest Datearth airline to date, as of February 19, 2020, but it quickly shrunk after Airplaneguy9 went on a hiatus from November 2019.

The airline is in a state of revival, as Airplaneguy9 has returned briefly to get operations going again.

History Edit

Pre-operations Edit

The airline was launched by Airplaneguy9 on 15 September 2019 as a new opportunity to connect the newly reset Nova. The airline gained pilots and destinations very rapidly, and became more popular than its parent airline, Gaia Airlines.

At one point, it was meant to be based in Gdansk, however it was moved back to Cologne. It was also to act as a domestic airline for the Hanseatic Empire, but that fell to new state-owned airline Hanseatia.

The airline was set to start scheduled services on September 30, as Airplaneguy9 was on vacation. On September 22, the airline's hub was moved to Hamburg-Bremen.


FlyNovus' HQ at Cape Town, Nova America

As time passed, the hub was moved between Gdansk, Copenhagen, Malmo, Harare, Johannesburg, before finally settling on Cape Town, Nova America.

On October 3, they started a new system where they serviced one city, then another airline would service a nation/region from there onward. Airlines that grew from this include Air Carolina and East Asian Airlines.


FlyNovus' only aircraft stored at Atlantis Airport, the last known photo of it

On October 4, GIA shut down, leading FlyNovus to become its own independent budget carrier. It started many services to airports around the world

They briefly shut down on October 5, owing to the Australian Nuclear Conflict, but resumed services hours later.

As more services were added, the airline purchased its first plane, a second-hand aircraft registered N001NV. The aircraft was delivered on October 6, 2019.

By teaming up with Emirates Airlines on October 18, Airplaneguy9 got a slot at Dubai Airport. The two airlines share a website, lounges and some flights.

Flights start Edit

(Datearth Nova) Opening of Cape Town Int'l Airport

(Datearth Nova) Opening of Cape Town Int'l Airport

Airport opening, with FlyNovus' first ever flight

On October 26, 2019, FlyNovus opened services when Prime_Logos, of Japanese fame, flew his aircraft J-SPL operating NV103 from the recently opened Cape Town Airport to Mafeteng. Notable passengers were Airplaneguy9, RulerOfTheLand (mayor of Los Angeles), WilliamCRES (mayor of Crete and renowned Gaia Airlines and FlyNovus pilot) and General Ironbolt (mayor of Pyongyang). The flight landed safely in Mafeteng after around 5 minutes of flight.

The next flight was a special expedition to Antarctica. This time, Mayor SteveGoldberg of Cape Town came with.

WilliamCRES became a highly skilled and important pilot for FlyNovus, in his aircraft registered N-WILL. He operated:

  • FlyNovus flight NV041 to Eagle Harbour on 3 November 2019, which became the first aircraft to land in Superior, and the first international flight from Cape Town.
  • FlyNovus flight NV020 from Dubai on 4 November 2019, which became the first international flight to Cape Town, and the inaugural FlyNovus flight from Dubai.
  • FlyNovus flight NV004, which was going to be the first flight to Cape Town from Amsterdam on 9 November 2019, but the aircraft diverted to Djenne, then to Ba Sing Se, then to Toulouse due to mechanical issues.

On November 11, FlyNovus Cargo was founded, which offered cargo services to transport goods for shops.

On November 15, FlyNovus rebranded itself as a 'trunk airline' instead of a 'low-cost airline'. It also changed its slogan to 'The way to fly'. This was because it launched a new low-cost airline called Cape Air, to operate services to sub-Saharan African cities. Cape Air was based in Mafeteng, and started services on the same day that Unified South Africa was founded.

On November 17, increased hostility from the Republic of Texas made FlyNovus cut some flights. Later that day, the hostility broke out into war, and on November 18, CEO Airplaneguy9 ordered a total shutdown of all flights, as Nova America's Defcon alert reached 1. All flights were cancelled, and Cape Town Airport was closed. For the first time in its two (Novan) year history, the HQ closed to the public. This move lost FlyNovus close to $2000.

When Airplaneguy9 left Nova America, he decided to found his own town, called Harare. FlyNovus was moved with it, and some destinations were removed. This ultimately got to Airplaneguy9 quitting Datblock altogether, and FlyNovus ceased to exist. The server's most famous airline was gone for good.

A Newfound Revival Edit

Around 3 months later, Airplaneguy9 returned to find Nova completely different. Many trunk routes he served had fallen, or lacked airports now. Determined to make the most of his week-long return (his favourite server had been down from February 18 - 28), he worked at restoring some FlyNovus flights, working with some other players like LisPisCringe. At this point, all other airlines had ceased operations. He began the long road to an aircraft, and managed to obtain a single plane in use by the Lufthansa Army.

The airline first got a long-haul flight to Brunei, which it first operated on February 22, 2020. Throughout the next few days, the airline gained more and more routes. It replaced its San Francisco flights with flights to Moab, and started flights to New Glasgow. On February 23, the airline offset its losses from November, making back $2740, including $550 from overbooking for the first Moab service.

The Queen of Bwitannica, uuwuwu, saw the progress and growth of the airline, and her and Airplaneguy9 negotiated for a $5,79k loan to purchase a plane. The loan negotiations ended in an approval, and the airline has yet to be paid the money.

The airline decided to start up its own airlines in order to expand the route system. The first airline that was started by FlyNovus was Deutche Luft Hansa (or Lufthansa), though it was 15% owned by Imperial Hansa. It was formed out of the remains of Hanseatia, and acted the same way, now using newer aircraft because FlyNovus owned it. It started domestic services out of Konigsberg on February 25.

It also started up Songhai Airways Ltd., made from the old Ghananian Airways. The airline was based out of Accra, and offered West African services. The airline started with two flights - one to Porto Novo, just two minutes east, and Agadaga, the previous capital of the Songhai Empire, five minutes north.

At this point, FlyNovus aimed to start another airline based in America, coming from the bankrupt Air Carolina and the Texan-controlled Nova American Airways, and an airline for Gweat Bwitannica, from New Glasgow.

Airplaneguy9 obtained an aircraft on March 1, 2020.
FlyNovus Route Map

FlyNovus route map in early November 2019

NovaMiles Edit

NovaMiles are FlyNovus' frequent flyer reward system. More information can be found on their website (down).

Other Companies Edit

Partners Edit

  • FlyBrunei
  • Deutche Luft Hansa (Lufthansa Air Force)

Owns Edit

  • Cape Air (Pty) Ltd.
  • FlyNovus Cargo (Pty) Ltd.
  • Songhai Airways Ltd.

Destinations Edit

Flight From To Status Picture
NV1 Windau Cape Town Active
NV3 Windau Brunei Active
NV5 Windau Dubai Active
NV7 Windau Accra Active
NV9 Windau Moab Inactive
NV11 Windau Daybreak Active
NV13 Windau Scaland Planned
NV15 Windau Da Nang Planned
NV17 Windau Baikal Active
NV19 Windau Anapolis Inactive
NV101 Windau Netherlands Active
NV103 Windau Blackhaven Active
NV105 Windau Toulouse Inactive
NV107 Windau Taranto Active
NV501 Windau Maputo Planned
NV1277 Accra Agadaga Planned
NV1279 Accra Porto Novo Planned

Nova Worldwide Trains Edit

Previously, there was little to no way of accessing smaller European towns. However, when NWT started up, that all changed. On 20 October, NWT and FlyNovus teamed up, and agreed that NWT would transport passengers to and from Amsterdam Schiphol, and have quicker connections from and to their FlyNovus flights. Amsterdam Schiphol will have a station dedicated to NWT, which is easily accessible from the FlyNovus terminal, and where passengers can visit other smaller European towns.

Fleet Edit

Registration Obtained Remarks
N001NV 06/10/19 Second-hand from Tscherkan, stolen 20/10/19
N-WILL 02/11/19 Belonged to player WilliamCRES. Aircraft retired Dec 2019 and scrapped at Crete
H-DLHA 22/02/20 Belongs to the Lufhansa Airforce of Hansa. Aircraft now in operation for Lufthansa
G-NVAA 01/03/20 In fleet, owned by Airplaneguy9

H-DLHA at Konigsberg

Accidents and incidents Edit

  • On October 11, 2019, a FlyNovus flight testing the runway at New York overran the runway into the water. The aircraft was not harmed. The runway had been too short, and was later converted into a road.
  • On November 9, 2019, FlyNovus flight NV004, operating between Amsterdam and Cape Town diverted to Djenne due to mechanical error. The aircraft flew to Ba Sing Se, and then headed to Toulouse as Crete was closed. The aircraft was repaired at Crete the next day, and resumed services.
  • On November 15, 2019, FlyNovus flight NV058 was on the runway at Accra, preparing for a flight to Cape Town, when two skeletons attempted to hijack the aircraft. Two passengers were fatally shot, and the pilot was wounded, before Ghanaian police killed the skeletons.
  • There are reports of a forced landing in Northern Russia by NV17, on March 1, 2020. The aircraft ingested birds on cruise, and took off again for Windau.

Other information Edit

Perks Edit

  • Pilots are paid $5,00 per flight
  • Airports are paid $10,00 a month

If you have any inquiries, contact Airplaneguy9 on Discord

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