Gaia Airlines has shut down. FlyNovus will become its own independent airline. Thank you for all the support =]

FlyNovus is a low-cost airline that operates to destinations throughout Nova. It is the most famous Datearth airline.

History Edit

The airline was launched by Airplaneguy9 on 15 September 2019 as a new opportunity to connect the newly reset Nova. The airline gained pilots and destinations very rapidly, and became more popular than its parent airline, Gaia Airlines.

At one point, it was meant to be based in Gdansk, however it was moved back to Cologne. It was also to act as a domestic airline for the Hanseatic Empire, but that fell to new state-owned airline Hanseatia.

The airline was set to start scheduled services on September 30, as Airplaneguy9 was on vacation. On September 22, the airline's hub was moved to Hamburg-Bremen.

As time passed, the hub was moved between Gdansk, Copenhagen, Malmo, Harare, Johannesburg, before finally settling on Cape Town, Nova America.

On October 3, they started a new system where they serviced one city, then another airline would service a nation/region from there onwards. Airlines that grew from this include Air Carolina and East Asian Airlines.

On October 4, GIA shut down, leading FlyNovus to become its own independent budget carrier. It started many, many services to airports around the world

They briefly shut down on October 5, owing to the Australian Nuclear Conflict, but resumed services hours later.

As more services were added, the airline purchased its first plane, a second-hand aircraft. The aircraft was delivered on October 6, 2019, and stayed in Airplaneguy9's inventory.

NovaMiles Edit

NovaMiles are FlyNovus' frequent flyer reward system. More information can be found on the website

Partner Airlines Edit

  • Hanseatia
  • Air Carolina
  • East Asian Airways
  • NormanAir
  • FugeroRoma

Destinations Edit

Airport City Nation Status
NACT Cape Town Nova America Main Hub
NHHB Hamburg-Bremen Hanseatic Republic North European Hub
NABC Beaufort/Raleigh Nova America American Hub
NZTT Taipei Zhao Far East Hub
NANY New York Nova America Active
NNCR Caracas Norman Empire
N1GU Guatemala N/A
N1CR Crete N/A Mediterranean Hub
NNAS Amsterdam Norman Empire
NVFR Frankfurt Avar
NAMF Mafeteng Nova America
NNBH Blackhaven Norman Empire
NVKV Kiev Avar
NNRK Reykjavik Norman Empire
NRVI Vienna Romanorum Imporium
NMPR Paris Mayan Empire
NASF San Francisco Nova America
NAJB Johannesburg Nova America

Other information Edit - Booking

Perks Edit

  • Pilots are paid $5,00 per flight
  • Airports are paid $10,00 a month

If you want to book a flight or have any inquiries, go to the FlyNovus HQ, Cape Town, Nova

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