The French Nation, also known as France, was a nation on Nova. Now the French Administrative Region of Great Britannia, the capital is Toulouse in Southern France.

History Edit

Aquitaine Edit

France was initially founded on October 10th as Aquitaine, with cities only in the southern region of France of the same name. However, rapid expansion, as well as the acquisition of Northern French towns meant that the name was redundant, and thus on October 17th, France was born.

Expansion Edit

After France being mostly French towns apart of the north east being German, France began to expand over the seas. Colonies were built in many places like Indonesia or Africa. Many towns were made on the French Territory, filling the empty space and almost joining all the town borders.

Germany RivalryEdit

France became the second most populous nation on Nova following World War Nova, with an unofficial rivalry with Germany. There were border skirmishes and attempts to gain land in each others territory. France experienced a number of state sponsored terrorist attacks by Germany, including participation of German leader Appqle.

Height of PowerEdit

At the release of Gladia, France had overtaken Germany as the largest nation in Nova. However, this was short-lived, as the large-scale migration from Nova to Gladia occured, resulting in many French towns being effectively abandoned overnight. French leader Ashjack1999 took an extended leave of absence.

Decline and AnnexationEdit

Following the migration to Gladia, many French towns fell due to inactivity, including previously major towns Paris and Perpignan. Eventually, the nation of Great Britannia took it upon themselves to reclaim old French land in the hopes of sparking activity.

French Free StateEdit

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The day after the final French town fell under Britannian rule, ex-ruler Ashjack1999 returned to attempt to regain independence by force. Citizens of Britannian ally Hansa were attacked and stolen from, and the Britannian town Athamault was nuked. Following this, peace talks were entered into.

French Administrative Region of BritanniaEdit

In exchange for increased autonomy in the French region, and the role of French Minister assigned to Ashjack1999, the Free State was dissolved and in its place the French Administrative Region was formed, with the goal of rebuilding French towns to their former glory under the protection of Britannia.

Transports in France Edit

How to come and visit this beautiful country full of wonders? Easy just look below!

Plane Edit

You can come by plane in France via the International Airport of Perpignan in the southern French-Spain border

Car Edit

Roads are being built in all France connecting each town to another via the new Company ARF. Roads are linked to sea, airports and French borders.

By walk Edit

France has a lot of paths that goes almost in every town, if you cant afford cars or planes, paths are you best friends! Don't forget to stop in one of the shops in french towns to buy some food!


Nova Worldwide Trains (NWT) Edit

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French town Perpignan is home to the NWT organization, with goals to connect much of Western Europe via rail, allowing for easier travel between towns and airports.

Company fell down on the 30/11/2019 due to rising costs.

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