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France (Polis)[]

France is a Polis nation founded and governed by Kings Marsun02 and Pokesy. The nation was created on March 28th, 2021, becoming the 5th nation on Polis to be created. The capital is Victoria, located on the south coast of France.



Both nation founders have a lengthy history of nation building acquired during their time on Datearth. Marsun02 played roles in the founding of Avar, Hispania, and Yugoslavia. He is known for his success in building elaborate structures, as well as his expertise with the gamemode. Pokesy played roles in the nations of Rome, and notably involvement in the Iroquois, Volarys, and Hispanian ranks during Gladia’s peak. Both founders are staff members, entering their tenure during the same time period.

The founders’ goal was to develop a nation that is well-built and introduces multiple elements of French and European culture, while achieving success through national growth and specialized trade.

Governement Transition

Because of some problems, Marsun02 had to give the leadership of the nation to the player Donut_2000 on April 18, 2021. After that Donut_2000 decided to give the rank of coking to the players zerphe and Armotik (aka ANTHO1117).

France Revolution and the end of the First France

After the change of government and seeing that the current King of France was too inactive, it was decided to make a vote on May 25, 2021 to know who would replace the former King. The vote was in favor of the player Uppi9 and on May 26, 2021 he was elected King of France by the citizens. It is from this that a dispute was born between Uppi9 and Donut_2000 because the player of the ceremony of the coronation of Uppi9, on May 27, 2021, instead of giving the rank of King to Uppi9, Donut_2000 decided to kick the town out of the nation. And it is from this that the French Revolution of Polis started. After that, Armotik decided to get all the money from the bank of the nation to put it in a safe place and zerphe managed to gain the rank of King within the nation. May 27 was the ceremony of the coronation of Uppi9 which went off without a hitch. But this day was also marked by the dismantling of the nation. Instead of suppressing the city created to accommodate the spectators of the ceremony, zerphe suppressed the nation.

The New France

Some minutes after the suppression of the nation. A brand new France was created, under the name of "New France" but later renamed to "France". And the government of New France has not changed since. It is ruled by 3 kings, each with specific functions in the nation:

- Uppi9: the official King of the nation, who takes care of everything that happens in the nation itself.

- Armotik (aka ANTHO1117) : the Second King of France, who takes care of diplomacy and all the external problems of France. In addition to that, he is in charge of the nation's bank.

- zerphe is the Third King of France, he is in charge of everything related to the sieges and wars in connection with France.

France during the Polis WW1

France joined the EDF (European Defence Forces) very early on, which was intended to protect the Celtics and other large European nations from potential threats such as Serbia. It was at the time of the siege of Paris on April 24, 2021 that France joined the fight against Serbia and entered the First World War of Polis. The siege was a victory for France and its allies and it was then that France began the sieges against Serbia. World War Polis 1

France during the Polis WW2

France did not stop increasing its power after the First World War of Polis. However, on May 4, 2021 the GRF (Gladia Reset Forces) nation alliance began its attacks on France. On this date Cuba launched its siege on the capital Victoria, which will be a French Victory. A month later, on June 18, 2021, GRF launched a major attack during a community event in Anabasis. This battle was the first defeat of France against an enemy and launched the beginning of hostilities between EDF and GRF.

France between the end of the Polis WW2 and the start of Polis WW3

After the end of World War II in Polis, France took revenge several times on these enemies, such as Nikto or Dorset or even GRF. During this time the EDF decided to change its name to PDF (Polis Defence Forces). France suffered some sieges on it but all of them were a Victory of France.

Tired of fighting the war, France decided to withdraw from combat for a while, at the beginning of the arrival of GDF (Global Defence Forces). During this time, France was able to greatly increase its economy, the overall management of the nation, its number of cities and its vassals. Because in two months, 6 vassals joined France (Central Italy, Monaco, RepublicOfZonara, Atlas, Dracan and Switzerland). But because of its obligations in PDF France had to resume the fight against GDF.

France during the Polis WW3

France has fought a lot. She and her vassals have been attacked several times by GDF, notably in Anabasis, on August 04, 2021 but her vassals have also been attacked in Draconium, the capital of Dracan, on August 05, 2021 and finally Switzerland has also suffered a raid by GDF on their capital Bern and on one of their cities Basel   But France succeeded in defending all cities and ending Polis World War 3 on August 13, 2021 by attacking the capital of GDF as well as the capital of Histalia and Israeli Defense Force and plunders them.

France now

France has always made sure to remain powerful both as an economic power and as a military power. Today it is the 4th largest nation in Polis. It has 6 vassals producing sufficient resources for France. It also has a very good management and a lot of resources that allow it to start succeeding in many projects as with the Castle of Anabasis. Some players and cities are only dedicated to the harvesting of resources for the nation like the cities of BlackParade or TitoGrad.

List of France Vassals

Monaco, Central Italy, RepublicOfZonara, Switzerland, Atlas, Dracan

The Dead of France[]

In 30 Augustus France was gone and the town was being Ottoman_Empire.

RIP France

27 March-30 August

Just hope Someone create new France.

Dead of france written by: Jovanjambu

France history and info written by:(can u rename this into ur name that u edit the france page)

poem for france:[]

you can write a poem or memory for france


we never forget you france.

france is forever with us.


Town Of France now:[]

Victoria: Normal

mayor: Uppi9

Resident: 2

Nation: Roman Empire

Liberte_City: Normal

Mayor: August_Herzz(Herzz_Mesih)

Resident:0(only mayor)

Nation: Roman Empire

Paris: normal

Mayor: Zerphe


Nation: Roman Empire

Lyon: Deleted

Mayor: Jovanjambu(1st mayor)SpicyNaut(2nd mayor)

Resident: unknown

Nation: no

Marseille: got merge by Victoria

Mayor: Unknown

Resident: unknown

Nation: no

Anabasis: normal

Mayor: Armotik(ANTHO1117)

Resident: 0

Nation: Casino

Bordeaux: deleted

Mayor: Unknown

Resident: Unknown

Nation: no

Normandy: Deleted

Mayor: Unknown

Resident: Unknown

Nation: no

PostNetherlands: Normal

mayor: 123CityPerson

Resident: 0

Nation: Imperial Windmillia

Not in Mainland France town:[]

Zonara: Deleted

mayor: Gipsminicher

Resident: 1

Nation: no

Blackparade: Normal

mayor: Gothiccute(1st mayor) DriftKing(2nd mayor)

Resident: 0

Nation: Casino

Illinois: Deleted

mayor: Jovanjambu(1st mayor) Unknown/unamed mayor(2nd mayor)

Resident: Unknown

Nation: no