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The German Empire is a semi-democratic nation in central Europe led by Kaiser Xibby7. The nation's head is the Kaiser whilst its government is run by the Reichstag.


North German Confederation[]

The flag of the German Empire

When the nation started before release, a smaller nation known as Bavaria was planned, we stayed and built up the land we owned at the time. After a while, Bavarian leader (_milutom_) decided he wanted to make a smaller nation know as Hispaniola and so the Bavarian claimed land was ceded to Adriatic federation, after some talks and negotiations with Vhls (Leader of adriatic federation) the North German Empire annexed the south German Lands for a non-aggression pact with the Adriatic Federation then changing its name to the German Empire following an annexation of Malta, Tunisia and had land in Angola


After the nation creation. Xibby7 set out on a plan to start growing the nation in towns funding the creation of

Königsberg, Hamburg, Breslau, Nuremberg and Cologne with towns such as German West Africa, Malta, New Dersim, Luxembourg city, Gdansk, and Labsyzin joining the nation later on bringing the total citizen count up to 60 people.

The First General Election[]

After 2 weeks of campaigning the Prosperity and Peace Party lead by GrootTM won the majority in the Reichstag and became the sitting government with a landslide victory with 75% of votes to the Prosperity and Peace party and the other 25% went to the Green Party Prosperity and Peace Party was awarded 10 seats in the reichstag whilst the Green party was awarded 3, the other 2 are taken up by the kaiser and a representative from the previous administration bringing the total up to 15 reichstag Members

Election site:

The Great Theft[]

A random guy known as k0cov joined our town one day farming, he then was inactive for a while but he seemed very trustful and very regretfully, the Kaiser gave him perms in the market. On the 5th of April 2021, k0cov logged on again, looking into every shop chest stealing from them. Berlin was quite a major shopping district on Polis but on that day 50% of items sold were stolen, luckily before he left the town we had caught him, he was immediately kicked from the town and 3 shots where fired that day, he was shot dead leaving behind only the things he had stolen, the rest was given back. He was killed at the scene publicly while people themselves where shopping around the Market. we warned him that coming back is a risk and that he is a wanted person in Germany.

The First Fall[]

Berlin has just announced that it has reached a great day, the day that the first reichstag policies will be implemented, that night it all changed, The nation of Chill (Tax nation for Serbia) has attacked Berlin, although losing this siege Berlin is now a peaceful town. However serbia is now blitzing all German towns in the middle of the peaceful countdown, Der Kaiser then announced that the German Empire has collapsed but will come again strong in the future, for now it will be a community of peaceful towns, however it will come back stronger than ever before!

Great People Worth Mentioning[]


Kaiser Xibby7, Mayor of Berlin and Duke of Friesland, Great Emperor, Reichstag Member

The Emperor of the land Xibby7, Responsible for all diplomacy and military, started the nation in the very beginning of Polis although being terrorized a lot during these times.

FrostedWrxth, Mayor of Alex Heiberg Island, Chancellor

The Grinder of the nation, without him, we still wouldn't have enough money for the nation and the Reichstag wouldn't have even started being built as we wouldn't have had enough blocks. He is also the reason for the supply we have for the DeutscheMarkt and thanks to him, Germany is rich in resources.

IxBlxde, Mayor of Hamburg, member of the PPP, Duke of Kassel, Cabinet Member

Joined on creation and immediately helped us work, he was a main contributor to the first town mission and continuously helped in this nation, due to his hard work he was awarded the peerage title of "Duke" for his noble deeds

TxVulture, Mayor of Nuremburg, Cabinet Member

Joined before Polis even released, continuously helped in grinding, building, mining and always had a bright idea on how one day he wanted to have his own thriving city which he has now and it is called Nuremburg. It is still under construction but we all wish it the best!

Veruty228, Duke of Baden, Mayor of Malta, Cabinet Member

Contributed more than 50% to the first town mission of Berlin and was the first person in our nation to get Netherite, thanks to his noble deeds he was also awarded a peerage title of "Duke of Baden"

MechanicMeteor9, Mayor of Minilya,

Continuously helped me in the running of the nation and is also the reason for Germany's land on Antarctica!

SuperMalc26, Grossprinz

Created a formidable army and donates lot's of his money to Berlin.

Se_b_, Mayor of Königsburg

Brought many animals to the nation and grinded more than 40% of the money to create the nation.

Vaug Car, Reichstag Member

Was the first guy i approached when planning the nation, helped in the constitution, making the discord and started the EU.

Non German Citizens[]

Pinlias - The best guy ever, helped me in every way possible and most supportive person to Germany who is based outside the nation .

Altys - Sorry for continuously bombarding you with questions about either what's happening or your views on something :D

Blend - Always came to the rescue when some randos used to come murder us before i had the nation! Thank you!

Derpnuke - Always was there when i needed to ask him for advice on matters and is also one of the closest allies to Germany.

LitFishie121 - Thanks for your advice and for protecting me when i needed!

MechanicMeteor9 - Continuously helped me in the running of the nation and is also the reason for Germany's land on Antarctica!

DadiusCafticus - God