Gladia is the seventh world for Datearth and was released on December 7th, 2019, at 2:00 PM EST (7:00 PM UTC). It is the successor of Gladius and succeeded Nova as the most recent world. Gladia is an ancient warfare world with 1.8 combat, and was incredibly hyped before its release.

History Edit

Pre-Release (Oct-Dec 2019) Edit

When Gladius was reset sometime in October 2019, work on Gladia began. It went under maintenance for two weeks, before the Dynmap (dynamic map) was released. Rumors had spread that it was to be wiped and a new ancient warfare world was coming out. Many regular players, including some staff members, planned a server colonization.

On December 6th, a rumor was confirmed that Gladia would be releasing on December 7th, 2019.

Gladia Releases (December 2019) Edit


The Gladia dynmap upon the world's release.

Gladia was released on December 7th, 2019, at 2:00PM EST, with over 400 players either in-game or in-queue. The first town founded on Gladia was Venice by AugustusNero less than half an hour after the server was released.

The first nation formed was the Holy Roman Empire on December 8th, at 5:56AM EST by The_Holy_Divinity with the capitol city of Berlin. At 7:02AM EST that same day, the nation of Nihon was founded by _Mentalist_.

Organizations Edit

Prior to release, the hype for Gladia resulted in international organizations being formed before the server was even released. Some of the most notable of these, are the League of Nations and the World Fair Organization.

League of Nations Edit

Main Article: League of Nations

The League of Nations is an organization formed to organize and enforce territory claims made on Gladia, preventing any territorial disputes once the world releases. This, however, has been controversial, as many believed it to be unfair that players were claiming territory on a world that hadn't been released yet.

World Fair Organization Edit

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Gladia Games & Sports Association Edit

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Player's Bloc Edit

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Gladia Peace Foundation Edit

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Main Article: GNAT

Gladian Nations Against Tyranny is an organization dedicated to preventing extreme autocratic governments from rising to power and fight against those which already exist.

Founded by Fleetmaster General kaaale of the Atlantean Republic, the organization currently only includes an anti-monarchist splinter faction of Atlantis and was formed in reaction to the growing enforcement of authority by the King Atlan I. Currently, no significant activity has been performed by GNAT.

Nations and Cities Edit

Main article: List of Gladian cities and nations

Nations Edit

  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Nihon

Cities Edit

  • Venice
  • Oslo
  • Berlin
  • Zenport
  • Ireland

Trivia Edit

Did you know? Edit

  • Gladia was, at one point, considered to be a 1:500 scale recreation of the earth's surface rather than the standard 1:1000 scale used on all previous Datearth worlds
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