Gladius - Europe

Gladius is the most recently released Datearth world, released on July 14th, 2019. It was made to replace Eris, a famously inactive Datearth world. It features 1.8 PVP, no vehicles, and no guns, after player requests for these features to be included. The first nation of Gladius was Japan, founded by Kwekeh (Kaaale) and many other players in an effort to become to first. The first town in Gladius was Seoul made in under 3 minutes of the release, founded by Mendicity.




Azania (Acaria)

Byzantine Empire




Chola Dynasty


Deutsches Kaiserreich




Germanic Empire


Greater Brittania

Great Lakes






Roman Empire



Military History of Gladius

Georgian War on Austria Hungary

On July 17, Georgia declared war on Austria Hungary with immediate intention to capture Prague. The town was evacuated quickly, and immediate action was taken by citizens of the Empire. Counter-sieging of cities took place, and several northern towns were taken and released upon the conclusion of the war. Little damage was done to the Empire, and Georgia sustained major damage as far as gear. Concluded in an Austro-Hungarian victory.

Mongol-American War

On July 18, Mongolia declared war on the USA (apparently, according to Houston's mayor;) due to American aggression in Houston following Mongolian invitation of the town. International intervention was taken, and some Austro-Hungarians and Kaiserreich troops joined with American forces to repel the Mongolian army. The Mongolian army has since taken several towns of the USA, and the conflict seems to be in the favor of Mongolia.

Austro-Hungarian Liberation of Georgia

On July 18, Austria Hungary declared war on Georgia with the intention to crush the nation once and for all following the crippling of their enemy the previous day. A majority of Georgia's towns were taken and liberated despite the combined efforts of Georgian and Kaiserreich forces, and Georgia remains a small enclave of raiders near eastern Anatolia. Austria Hungary was declared victorious.

Austro-Hungarian War on Germany

On July 19th, the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Germany with the intention to kick Altenburg from the German nation due to the raider nature of the town. The AHE besieged Berlin, and after a relatively short peace talk, 2.5k in reparations were awarded to the Empire, and the town of Altenburg was released from Germany. They would eventually go on to make the Germanic-Empire.

Germanic War of Revenge

On July 20th, the Germanic Empire declared war on the Austro-Hungarian Empire and received the aid of the Georgian nation. Despite the combined efforts of both nations, after a day of fighting, the Germanic Empire was forced to concede to AHE and KR forces, and the status quo was restored.

2nd Mongol-American War

On August 4th, USA declared war on Mongolia to take a town that (allegedly) wanted to join the USA. In response to the call of liberation, Mongolians occupied St. Louis and took control of it temporarily before kicking it to prevent it from being reconquered. Conclusion Is a stalemate as Mongolia has since kept their town, although it can be argued that the USA gained more in resources as they killed a significant ammount of Mongolians in Diamond Armor.

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