The Hanseatic Republic, or Hansa for short, is a recent nation created in Nova by cvkoning, with the capital in Hamburg-Lubeck. It is a maritime nation, stretching from Lapland to The Netherlands, and from Norway to Bohemia


Hansa, or also known by its full name Hanseatic Republic, was founded by cvkoning on 24 September 2019, at 09:35 GMT, with its capital being in Hamburg-Lubeck situated in Northern Germany. It grew by creating other Baltic and North sea towns. The list of towns include:

  • Hamburg-Lubeck
  • Bremen
  • Prague
  • Alesund (temporary, left a while later)
  • Bergen (yoinked by the Swedish)
  • Gotenhafen (yoinked by the Swedish too, left and rejoined Hansa)
  • Klaipeda
  • Riga
  • Rovaniemi
  • Oslo
  • Malmo

Map of Hanseatic Territory


Before the creation of Hansa, the Baltic and North Sea was a jumbled mess of independent city states, all connected loosely to each other. Those city states, the most prominent being Bremen and Hamburg-Lubeck started saving up for their nation. As time went on, more Baltic towns were created and invited over. Finally, after a long time of saving, growing and expanding, the Hanseatic Nation was created, and the Baltic and North sea towns now had a banner to fight under.

Swedish Tensions Edit

Before Hansa was made, there was another nation in Northern Europe called Sweden, led by Arizona19. Sweden had bribed 2 towns, Bergen and Gotenhafen, to join Sweden, plus they settled in Hanseatic land. Understandably, Hansa was annoyed about this, and they started talking with Sweden. Unfortunately, Hansa's leader's Discord crashed as talks were on the way, and the Swedes percieved this as war. So they threatened to war Hansa and take multiple towns. Luckily enough, before things got hot, Hansa's leader's discord started working again, and peace talks were made.

Hanseatia Edit

Before Nova was even released, there was an idea to connect all the main Hansa cities quickly and efficiently. At the time, there was only one airline, FlyNovus, but the government wanted to gain money from this. They decided to start the first ever state-owned airline, HansAir. On October 1, the airline, now called Hanseatia, was formally launched by cvkoning, LisPisCringe, and FlyNovus CEO Airplaneguy9. The new airline has been set aside $2k in capital, with the remaining costs and debts to be paid using state taxes.

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