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Japan is a nation founded by MrMcMorty and also led led by Titan_A, Biz, and Camp in the Polis Datearth World. It was dissolved at some time during Fall of 2021 when it merged with the Ottoman Empire. Immediately in the aftermath, Discussions immediately prior to the official merger between Advex, Dom189c and Euronite to preserve the Japan shop led to the recreation of Japan as a city state, vassal of Ottomans.

Flag of Imperial Japan


First Era of Japan[]

When the nation was founded, the first towns were Tokyo City, Akita, and Tokyo (later named Yokohama, before being deleted). The first Head of Government (HoG) was Biz0n_CZ as elected on April 11, 2020.

Indonesia's Merge[]

Because Japan was founded early, on the second day of Polis, Japan had quickly grown to be an powerful nation in the region and had already started gaining claims in Indonesia. Due to Indonesia's small population and opportunity in Japan, the planned nation of Indonesia agreed to join Japan. This merge was unofficial, however, due to the fact Indonesia did not ever exist in Polis. Campionedeiboss became a Shogun of Japan through this deal.

Early Japan-Ottoman Relations[]

Early on in Polis, there were tensions between Imperial Japan and the Ottoman Empire. Tensions rose due to a multitude of issues including. A few reports of Japanese citizens being killed by Ottoman soldiers was what first caused tensions to start rising. When the UAP voted whether or not to place sanctions on the Ottoman Empire, rumors spread that Japan voted for sanctions, when in actuality Japan voted to abstain from the vote. When the Danish-NSE War began, even though Japan was officially neutral in the war, a small group of Japanese soldiers went against nation policy to defend Raller at Copenhagen which meant direct combat between Japanese and Ottoman soldiers.

Japanese Relations[]

As tensions rose between Japan and Ottomans, tensions started between other nations and Japan. When Busan revolted from Daguo on April 6th, 2021 to make the nation of Joseon, the North Sea Empire accused Japan of allying with Joseon and supporting their revolution. No official statement had been put out, however, about Japan's relations with Joseon, so the only basis for this claim was Joseon being added to Japan's ally list. However, Joseon was also added on North Sea Empire's, Ottoman's, and Polaris' ally list prior to this. This sparked into increased tensions throughout the world and Japan as North Sea Empire and Ottomans threatened to siege Japan, and Polaris gave their support to the Ottomans. A Shogun of Japan then reached out to the mayor of Iwo Jima, a town belonging to Hawaii, pressuring them to join. This interference caused tensions to begin between Japan and Hawaii.

Japan-North Sea Empire Agreement[]

On April 7th, 2021, representatives from the nations of North Sea Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Polaris all arrived to Tokyo City demanding $10,000 or to be sieged. A peace treaty was signed between the four nations that night along with the $10,000 being paid to North Sea Empire, to be distributed among the three nations. Along with the money, Japan gave four netherite ingots to North Sea Empire, and the contents of the peace treaty underlined North Sea Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Polaris to retract all threats and demands. NSE, Ottomans, and Polaris also agreed to refrain from sending soldiers to Japanese territory, and vice versa.

Japan - Kawahiva Land Agreement[]

Ever since the beginning of Kawahiva, Japan and Kawahiva have had territorial disputes over claims throughout South-East Asia. On April 15, 2021, those disputes came to an end with the signing of the Japan - Kawahiva Official Land Agreement which can be seen here. (

World War Polis 1[]

Imperial Japan's involvement in WW1 started almost immediately with defending Berlin and KawnCorp against Serbia. However, afterwards Japan's attitude towards the war became less and less clear as there were disputes amongst the High Council of whether or not Japan should defend European nations against Serbia. However, when the Spartan Empire founded a town just off of Japan's eastern coast named Serbia_To_Tokyo, Japan was certain that it would defend Europe against Serbia. Japan's first offensive siege in the war was at at Nimbus, Spartan Empire in Papua New Guinea, resulting in the defender's surrender.

Kawahiva War[]

On May 28, 2021, Imperial Japan laid siege to Hurrican, the capital of Kawahiva.


Kawahiva was found guilty of toggling pvp to kill a Japanese soldier while shopping at Hurrican. Kawahiva had been conspiring against Japan, looking for nations who would assist in attacking Japan. The King of Kawahiva threatened a Japanese mayor after the mayor outlawed the king. Kawahiva had gone unpunished twice in the past for breaking land deals between Kawahiva and Imperial Japan.


Imperial Japan received much support from both EDF and the Asian Union. Japan had won the sieges on Hurrican and New Respinia. New Respinia was plundered and captured, while Hurrican was only plundered. The following conditions were set forth for Kawahiva's surrender.

  • Kawahiva pays Japan $60,000 over the next month (15k a week, guns can be used as payment)
  • Kawahiva is not to participate in any sieges that Japan is involved in
  • Following a previous land treaty, Kawahiva is to have no more towns in Malaysia

Second Era of Japan[]

After victory over Kawahiva, many changes came to Japan in the following week. The town of Azuna was finishing construction of the nation's new shops and /n spawn, the nation changed the name from Imperial_Japan to Japan, and political turmoil finally came to an end with Biz0n_CZ's fall from power.

Akita's Attempted Revolution[]

On June 4th, 2021, the town of Akita attempted to revolt from Japan. This was due to the mayor demotion from Shogun, which was due to him assisting Serbia in sieging Beograd and brining a Japanese soldier to assist, which was against EDF's position at Beograd. When accused, the former Coking shifted the blame to the other leaders of Japan for not telling him and blaming a Serbian leader for bringing in the Japanese soldier. Akita then attempted to join Akatsuki and Xindaguo, however, was declined. Japan immediately sieged Akita once the town revolted. In response, the mayor of Akita agreed to rejoin Japan and pay the warchest, in return Japan surrendered the siege. The mayor of Akita then confessed that he was attempting to have both him and the Emperor of Japan banned for an immunity siege.

Feudal War[]

On June 4th, 2021, several members of Histalia left to make the town of CC_Ciph and the nation of feudal japan (originally Empire of Japan) just north-west of Tokyo on the main island. The new nation's players commonly called the "feudals" instead of the "Japanese", and the new nation being called "feudal" for short. Feudal was immediately sieged by Japan the following day before feudal could launch any attack on Japan. The following days were filled with heavy pvping as EDF, Akatsuki, and Madagascar supported Japan's efforts in defeating the new nation, as feudal received little support, other than from Serbia. New Zealand, whose king is commonly known for being a high price mercenary, also supported feudal free of charge because the king of feudal was his best customer. Plus, there was talk that the king of feudal would quit the server if feudal lost the siege to Japan.

The war ended with multiple feudals unable to defend due to being banned for various reasons. Japan won the siege on CC_Ciph, renamed to Suzu, with the defenders retreating to a location in the middle of the US.

Ntg's Leave[]

On June 6th, 2021, Ntg, the mayor of Nanporo abandoned his town and Japan in worry of Japan's loss, also having the town join feudal japan before leaving. This took place the day after Ntg and others challenged another group of players, including two Japanese, to a 4v4 which resulted in Ntg losing the rest of his gear.

EDF Blitz[]

On June 14th, 2021, EDF initiated a huge blitz on the nation of Serbia while many of their important fighters were either in peaceful towns, or banned. Over 20 Serbian towns were sieged on this day. Japan sieged the current capital of Serbia, Kragujevac, Bucharest, and Argus. The first siege to be won was Bucharest as it surrendered to Japan and joined the Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman Vassalship[]

On June 17th, 2021, Fort Botestagno peacefully left Japan in pursuit of joining Vrystaat. With Japan decline from a world superpower to a regional power, the Ottoman Empire agreed to accept Japan as an Ottoman vassal. Japan agreed to fight with Ottoman and follow their foreign policies, in return, Ottomans would assist Japan with their only two goals expressed in the following conditions.

  1. Japan will continue standing as a nation, with the capital in Tokyo. Primarily so that all of MasterOfOzzy's and Euronite's work in Azuna on the shopping center will not go to waste.
  2. Ottoman Empire will assist Japan in maintaining the region of Japan to stay as a part of our great nation. That way no traitors or terrorists attempt to tear apart the geographical unity of Japan.

"Staff "[]

On June 17th, 2021, the Japanese traitor, Biz0n_CZ, left Japan with Akita to make the nation of Staff.

MrMcMorty's Resignment[]

In mid-July, Emperor MrMcMorty stepped down from the position of Emperor, and gave the position to Shogun Titan_A.

Third Era of Japan

This time period for Japan was characterised with involvement in multiple sieges between the two global alliances, expansion of Japan trade and continued support and eventual merger with Ottomans due to high risk siege threats.

International Organizations Japan Has Been a Part Of[]

  • Three Kingdoms Alliance
    • A very early, dominantly pre-release, militaristic, political, and economic alliance between the nations of Celtic, Daguo, and Imperial Japan. Quickly fell as the Celtics struggled to fend off other nations based in the UK.
  • United Allies of Polis
    • An extremely
    • A large political and economic alliance that many nation on Polis were members of. Originally lead by EnchanterPlayz of Boston, New England, then followed by MrMcMorty of Tokyo City, Imperial Japan, before being dissolved. The UAP was largely known for being anti-Ottoman, nearly placing sanctions on the nation.
  • West-Pacific Alliance
    • A small, regional militaristic, political, and economic alliance between the nations of Imperial Japan, Australia, and New Zealand(as lead by CaptanBatu). Made to help maintain peace in the east and strengthen each nation's power.
  • European Defense Force (EDF)
    • A large militaristic alliance, primarily for nations in Europe who were in defiance to Serbia during World War Polis 1. KawnCorp, Vrystaat, Imperial Japan, and Ottoman Empire were also in EDF, even though none of which are located in Europe.
  • Asian Union (ASU)
    • A large, regional militaristic and economic alliance between many nations of Asia including but not limited to Imperial Japan, Xindaguo, China, and Joseon.

Towns (as of 06/04/21)[]

  • Sapporo
  • Tokyo City
    • Led by MrMcMorty. Tokyo City is the capital of Japan and is widely known for its /n spawn designed and built by MasterOfOzzy. Unlike many other towns in Japan, Tokyo City is modern and industrialized.
  • SneakerHeads
  • Nagasaki
  • Land of Duloc
  • Kushiro
  • Kyoto
    • Led by _NickZ. Kyoto is famous in the nation not only for being one of the largest towns in terms of territory, but also famous for the Kyoto Castle, a true spectacle of Japan and Polis as a whole.
  • Islands of Shantara
  • Puerto Princesa
  • Tomato Town
  • New Batavia
  • Modeir
  • Shikoko
  • Shinkyu
  • Nanporo
    • Led by Ntg86762. Nanporo is widely known for being the most populated town on all of early Polis. And thanks to its high population, it grew and developed at a hyper-fast rate.
  • Yama
  • Fort Botestagno
    • Led by Campionedeiboss. Fort Botestagno is the home of Japan's second Shogun and is known for holding Japan's claims over Papua New Guinea.
  • Manila
  • Laputa
  • Azuna
    • Led by MasterOfOzzy and Euronite. Azuna was made so that Ozzy and Euronite could work closer to the nation capital in the development of a new, huge n spawn shopping center.

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