The first nation created on Gladius, this nation controls the entirety of the Japanese archipelago, as well as other territories in east Asia, Oceania, Africa, North America, and Antarctica. It is the founding member of the Asian Sovereign States, and was a member of the League of Nations until the Franco-Japanese Withdrawal from the organization.

Founders Edit

Japan was founded by Kaaale on July 14, 2019, with its original capital being Kyoto. After only a few days on the server, however, both kaaale, and one of the nation assistants iPant, retired from the server for good. They gave the ownership over to Beeman_2003, the mayor of Sapporo.

Conflicts Edit

The Japanese-Korean War. Edit

The first and only significant war that Japan has been in was with the Korean-based nation of Joseon. This war was declared the same earlier in the day, and later that same day Kaaale and iPant would quit the server. Joseon's capital, Seoul, was never taken, and, with the help of the USA, they managed to push back the Japanese forces.

The Mongolian-American War Edit

This was a war between the Mongols and the USA, where the mongols captured all but two American towns, leaving only Dallas and NYC. The Shogun of Japan assisted in this war, causing the USA to enemy them.

War of the First Coalition Edit

Japan, one of the founding members of the League of Nations, participated in a coalition war against the Germanic Empire. All the member states were in on it, and it was a success. It pushed the empire back to their capital, Altenburg. The war successfully liberated Salisbury, Novus City, and Aberdeen from German Imperial control.

The 10 Seconds' War Edit

Following the establishment and development of the nation of Chad, located in central Africa, a friendly trade rivalry developed between Chad and Japan. As a Joke, war was declared on Japan by Chad for 10 seconds, before peace was made between the two nations.

Towns Edit

Kyoto Edit

The original capital of Japan, Currently abandoned

Sapporo Edit

The second capital of Japan, Mayor: Beeman_2003

Tokyo Edit

Mayor: Mitchzah

Kanazawa Edit

The final capital of Japan, Mayor: Holoblaziken

Toyama Edit

Abandoned and Reclaimed by Japan, Mayor: Androthia

Hiroshima Edit

Mayor: hpb13045

Sendai Edit

Mayor: BabyMetalFan

Kumamoto Edit

Mayor: solokiero21

Okayama Edit

Mayor: BangBang203

Suluwa Edit

Town in the Northern Philippines, Mayor: Maxzah

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Edit

Mayor: eth317

Dakar Edit

Town in West Africa, Mayor: Aavacado

Korudorando Edit

Town in Siberia, Mayor: SmogBritannia

Kagoshima Edit

Mayor: Lunaii

Yamagushi Edit

Mayor: Alexnaderrr

Manchukuo Edit

Mayor: Houla

Injinoo Edit

Town in Northeastern Australia, Mayor: theIgloo

Iga Edit

Mayor: Prime_Logos

Taipei Edit

Mayor: _xXxLePouletxXx_

Detroit Edit

Mayor: Liquid_Glass

Liaocheng Edit

Abandoned Mongolian town recolonized by Japan, Mayor: zcolleenonfire

The Tower Edit

Island-Fort near West Africa, Mayor: ArcHAng3L88

New Dulgrim Edit

Dead Town in Tasmania recolonized by Japan, Mayor: DawnOfTheEra

Cybainia Edit

Town in Antarctica, Mayor: Baelthorn


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