New Republic of Somalia (NRS) is a DatEarth ( Nova Server) town, founded in July 05, 2020, by Pinlias and redchemist3. It is located in Africa in the geopolitical map,specifically at the Somali Republic territory, with the 6101,64,-1433 it's exact home coordinates. The town is currently one of the most active towns on the server, with a friendly community that aims to have a good time and make the city comfortable for newcomers. It is currently the biggest town on Nova, according to the /t list, as well as first page of the richiest towns and nations at the server (/baltop).

History Edit

Town creation Edit

Pinlias and redchemist3 first met on the morning of July 15, and decided to build a base together. They walked a long part of the coastal part of Africa, until they found, in the region of Somali Republic, a broken,unclaimed fort, with nothing but griefed terrain in the surroundings. They quickly began the mission to rebuild it and started the base there.

Then, they started to expand the town through the beach, as well as recruiting new citizens and helping newcomers.Despite the efforts of making a peaceful experience in the server, Pinlias was robbed several times, which one of those being the theft of his entire ore chests, including 600+ iron and 200+ diamonds.Nevertheless, They didn't abandoned the task of keeping peaceful and expanding the town.

Post-establishment and first weeks Edit

Once they were established, with an active base, productive farms and a good number of citizens, they started their political connections. With the plot claim, some invitations to countries appeared. byggarebob002, one of the most important players outside of the town for its history and help, was the main link between New Republic of Somalia and the United States, and they quickly became a part of the nation. Chunnington123, one of the nation leaders, helped too with some political interactions and conflicts, as long as bringing new players to the town. With the new recruitment, some of notable people joined, for example greekthor, that mainly built some fun structures around all the isle, as well as a curious home, with a lot of special rooms, BabyBalrogGIRL, one of the most important builders and citizens at town, building important structures and decorations, and HypnoticFire, a redstone engineer that made a lot of improvements in the base structure and redstone mechanisms and fought the conflicts with "dragon_sauce" town when Pinlias got robbed by them, making him deputy mayor and one of the important players of the town.

New resident waves, expansions and current days Edit

Somalia continued to grow at a fast pace. After political settlements, bigger conflicts started to appear, like threats of nukes and sieges, By MemesforKids, Pirates_Cove and other less important people, making Somalia need its own military base and a general for training. NickelBoy757 volunteered and built the entire military base, in addition to buying the TinyTiger air base and building walls around the bases. New and very important citizens arrived in the city, like Jaehyukie, who completely remodeled the city and became the architect team leader; ValFreyja108, a loyal citizen who became HypnoticFire's personal Redstone apprentice, later participating in logistical projects, PletrosaurusRex, a great friend and veteran of Utopia who built the most diverse projects in the town, Dzw567, who made the secret survival bunker, _afb, TinyTiger and several others on his own.

With a base of about 3-5 new residents arriving each week, Pinlias began to export resources and invest in the town's economy, to continue supporting the plot claims and the free resource system that the townoffered. Pinlias invested heavily in time together with other citizens to build the endermen grinder at the town's outpost, farming shulker shells, obsidian and end rods, which would later be marketed. Jaehyukie also designed an open market in the center of the town where all citizens could sell their goods. Potions, diamonds, crops, end rods, obsidians and shulkers shells began to be the main exportation products of the town.

Utopia integration and PletrosaurusRex joining Edit

This section this section aims to keep a brief history of the town of Utopia and its ex-mayor, PletrosaurusRex, who joined New Republic Somalia after the Utopia´s fall, since his entry into Somalia has meant a major restructuring and improvement of the town as a whole.

Utopia was a large, rich and prosperous city in the middle of the Ocean, being an important spawn for supply crates hunting and a lonely castle for its mayor PletrosaurusRex. Its story begins with the donation of the entire town to PletrosaurusRex by a player named NotoriousIgg. Pletrosaurus first had a colony town in NorthPass called Fort Snow, but this was sieged by koenup. Northpass entered into a peace treaty with Koen_Up, agreeing to give him the territory of the town. As a result, Pletrosaurus left the Russian Empire and started looking for a new location to form a base until he found Utopia. NotoriousIgg, for personal reasons, was leaving the server and therefore left Pletrosaurus the mayor rank. In the beginning its space comprised only about 5 claims, with simple structures and griefed surroundings, but then Pletrosaurus began the reconstruction and the town was brilliantly structured for a long time, until, in a space of time when Plet was not very active for playing other games, _Oogaboogagamer_ appeared one day and asked Pletrosaurus for his alien head. After refusing to give him the alien head, _Ooga, together with Imperial Chile, sieged Utopia and reduced it to ruins. Pletrosaurus was then hunted by members of the nation until, after insistence by Pinlias, he entered the New Republic Somalia. Since then, Plet has won a co-mayor ranking, performing from the most diverse structures, such as the giant stone statue of byggarebob002, underwater bases, outposts with conduit for logistic extraction, bunkers, an auto brewer and currently plays a key role with the main residents to keep improving the town.

Integration into Thaempire Edit

The events of the Fifth World War, although favorable at various times, culminated in the detachment and hiatus of members of the United States. Several senior cabinet leaders had to leave the game due to lack of time, which caused serious corruption in all towns. Serenity and GB took the opportunity to attack more American towns and further weaken the stagnant nation. That said, NRS would need a new nation before it can be targeted. Pinlias already had great relations with Altys, the leader of the Thaempire nation. He had helped in a conflict against StoopadBatman, which was constantly threatening the nation of Altys. In addition, Pinlias also admired the organization and form of government that Altys employed in the nation, and made that clear.

As expected and as a tactic to further weaken the United States, on account of NRS, at the time, being the largest town in the USA, on August 29, Polaris 2.0 sieged New Republic Somalia. This had been an intelligence tactic to gain another spawn point that would make it possible to attack more important towns like QEA, then capital of the USA's tax nation. Altys then offered constant support, troops and diplomatic assistance, talking to the leaders of GB and Polaris to find a deal that would allow NRS freedom. As a result, 2 days after the siege started, NRS agreed with Greater Britannia to serve as a strategic point, and in return, it would be released in 3 days and Polaris would surrender. So it was done, and after the time of the deal, NRS was released and its integration into the Thaempire nation was completed. Pinlias was appointed Minister of War (post later renamed Minister of Defense to avoid confusion) and actively participated in all political decisions at Thaempire. Pinlias brought with him several allies and refugees from American cities, such as Lapisbay, HighTower, Skurwengard and others.

Conflicts, struggles and civil warsEdit

Despite being mainly a peaceful town, NRS is currently located at DatEarth, which is known by a geopolitical and war-based server. Because of this, a lot of conflicts between Somalians and other towns, nations or players happened. This section tries to maintain and keep the general ones and its consequences.

Dragon_Sauce conflict Edit

On July 19 of 2020, Pinlias was mining through the surroundings of American continent when he was suddenly attacked by Sprucedog22, a member of dragon_sauce town, that was a part of the United States.. The player killed him, claiming that Pinlias was using X-ray or some type of mod to mine illegally. Although this has never been proven even after the report and the knowledge of the moderators, dragon_sauce refused to give Pinlias stuff back. Because of this,Chunnington123 quickly removed dragon_sauce from the USA and Pinlias and HypnoticFire planned an attack starting from Xandrix and went to dragon_sauce by helicopter. There, they fought together alone against the whole town and often dominated the territory. Unfortunately, dragon_sauce was listed as a peaceful town and can't be besieged. SilentStorm, leader of Ankara town, offered help and soldiers to maintain the dragon_sauce territory controlled,and then the alliance between NRS and Ankara stayed for about 40 minutes destroying what they could from dragon_sauce. Dragon_sauce is currently destroyed and inactive and Pinlias never had his stolen things back.

DiamondKnightLC Edit

DiamondKnightLC was a player who offered Pinlias help to plan the territory at the beginning of the town. Pinlias invited him to town and after some work he went off. The next day, Pinlias logged in and realized that the secret chests, containing missions, valuable resources such as gunpowder and slime, as well as more than 200 diamonds and 600 iron, were completely gone. DiamondKnight, the only resident besides Pinlias and redchemist3, was accused of being the traitor, being kicked out of the town. This incident early in the city's beginning made the task of collecting resources and expanding the territory even more difficult to the town creators.

Pirates Cove Conflict Edit

In August 9, BabyBalrogGIRL was killed by loloutloud1,XtremeOne, OfficialAmos and other unknown members from the terrorist town Pirates_Cove, in the Somalian territory. She lost all armour and equipments,and quickly complained about it to the leaders.NickelBoy757, that was walking at wilderness looking for animals at the moment Baby got killed, tried to help by going back to the town, but he was chased by boat by other 2 terrorists and went killed too, and all his equipment gone. ValFreyja was threatened to leave her house, but she didn´t leave, and they couldn´t kill her. Pirates_Cove was harassing at Somalia, offending and doing mess with the citizens. HypnoticFire realized what happened after talking to Nickel and stayed up until morning trying to talk with the town attackers, but he wasn´t successful. This would be a start of a later large conflict.

In the next day, Pinlias logged in, aware of all the things that happened, and start by doing a revenge at the town. He went from B.V.I by helicopter and flooded the entire town with water, lava and made a sign, complaining that he wont tolerate conflict with his citizens. He also made some endstone towers. When Pirates Cove saw, they asked and he quickly assumed the responsability of the act. They started discussion at the general chat, when Sans, a Polaris player, interveined, as well as some other players, like AlxDoesStuff and Bob002 that gave moral support to Pinlias. Them, Pinlias and Sans went to Pirate Cove, trying to pvp them or ask for the stuff back. Pirates_Cove was planning a trap that were successful and killed both leaders of the conflict, resulting in Pinlias losing all his equipments, guns and tools, as well as Sans, too. Pinlias got really pissed off with the situation, and allied with sans for a counter attack. He gave Sans a nuke and a plan. Pinlias went again to Pirates Cove with Alx, that was spectating at corner, and Sans. Pinlias entered at the shack and broke the glass for Sans to enderpearl. Once they were in, they sticked together in a moment everyone was close, and Sans nuked the town, remaining Pinlias as the only man alive in the town. He quickly looted all chests and got all things back, remaining the terrorist with less than before of the struggle. Pinlias gave Sans stuff back and threatened the Pirates Cove town again for they never return. Because of the town griefing, Pinlias later got 1 day banned by the helper anruki11.

In retaliation for the act, on the same day of the nuke in the city, the pirates attacked the city of Somalia again. At the moment when Jaehyukie and Nickelboy were hanging at the newly built aquarium, which had not yet been claimed, the pirates appeared on boats and killed and stole them. Luckily, ryebread appeared a long time ago, killed the pirates and returned the stolen things to the affected citizens.

New Republic Somalia and Pirates_Cove are still in rough conflict.

World War V Edit

At August 13 2020, United States sieged Brasilia, However, Brazil's allies, such as Greater Britannia, Serenity and Imperial Chile intervened and began to defend Brasilia. The siege was a complete failure and several counter attacks began in American cities. On the 14th day of August at night, the counterattacks of the Brazilian and Chilean alliance began. The first city attacked was Dallas, then Doofenshrmitz, then Freeport, until it reached New Republic Somalia. due to severe threats from other players, Pinlias agreed to, by pact, receive protection for surrendering to the siege and entering Imperial Chile. Pinlias remained there, was accepted into Chilean militarism and tried to help the nation's residents, despite this, he was coldly received and did not feel welcomed into the nation, until the United States rose again from the war and requisitioned him again.

New Republic Somalia was then again sieged. Soloduck, the then king of Imperial Chile, disappeared completely, and without any support from the nation, Pinlias returned to the United States and again offered logistical support. First, he helped with resources, by producing 5 shulkers full of Splash Instanth Healt 2 potions and stacks of golden apples to help in the war. Pinlias also started producing nukes during the war. It is estimated that about 15 nukes were made to help defend cities, and another 20 to counter attack in NewGlasgow so far. but after his training, Pinlias began to actively help in the sieges too, more precisely taking part in the siege of Akihabara , NewGlasgow and Yunami, also defending London and Wales.

These sieges were Pinlias' last actions in the United States war and, therefore, ended NRS's activities in the war, since during its period Pinlias was the only registered soldier in the town.

Rules and interactions within the town Edit

Town Rules ( detailed from the simplified in-game rules on the main board):

  1. Griefing and destroying is prohibited. The ones who grief and rob our resources will be added in a ban list and hunted by all of our citizens and allies until they quit the server. They will also be considered outlaws by NRS and can be put in jail and never leave from it.
  2. Always ask before taking resources from the chests, be reasonable and consider refilling our supplies and blocks when possible.
  3. Residents may have up to 3 plots each. The first one is given for free by the town, and the other ones cost $280/plot.
  4. Please, if it isn't a decoration build or something that benefits all the citizens, consider building only in your plot limitations. Abuses of this rule may result in your plot being confiscated.
  5. One week without logging puts you in an "inactive" condition on the town. Inactive players may have their plots sold and be disbanded of the town starting at 3 days after its inactive status declared. Note that this rule is heavily open to interpretations and the citizen status, rank and contributions to the town affect directly on how much time he will keep his plot and his citizen status in town guaranteed.

One of the town differentials was also the way they treated new residents. Newcomers were never charged with fees, in addition to receiving help with server commands, free plots that were purchased by the city, and all the resources, food and blocks needed for construction and survival in the game. The city became known as one of the main hubs for newbies, and some of the newbies that United States players met were taken there. Gifts are given to new players, such as golden apples, ender pearls and supply crates, signs containing kind messages and chests with goodies traded between citizens were a very familiar thing, and events and excursions were often made in order to keep everyone united as a family.

The Tea Party Edit

As a way of strengthening ties with leaders of nations and celebrating the creation of their future nation with Pengibot3, Malta, Pinlias planned a tea party, which would take place at the NRS, at the top of his castle, overlooking the town . The citizens then prepared typical meals, usually consumed in the town . It is estimated that between 16 and 18 people attended on August 28, which at the moment represented about 40% of the total online population of the server. Unfortunately, Pengibot3 wasn't able to be there on this occasion.

Tea Party Invite

Important figures such as KindofAsianDante, IShockYou, byggarebob002 and Altys appeared and drank tea with the citizens. As a way to end the event in the traditional way in Nova, Pinlias nuked the town, accidentally leaving 10 more nukes in his inventory. Pinlias also made a 40-block diamond giveaway. It is known that Altys had 7 out of 10 nukes, and the others are not known. Despite this mistake, the party was a success and it is planned to happen more often, on other commemorative dates.


List of notable Citizens and ex-citizens Edit

Active and inactive official citizens. Edit

Pinlias - Mayor, founder, and main builder of the farms, fountains, and shops in the town. Responsible for the diplomacy and political interactions of the town, He also is the only official miner and gatherer all the necessary blocks for the buildings. Lieutenant General in the Osiris Field Army.

redchemist3 - Founder along Pinlias. Helped expand the town surroundings in its beginning, as well as the roads and transportation system, and choose the official name for the town. Currently, isn't mainly active, logging just sometimes to see the town progress, improve his house and interact with the others.

iDreeZyNx98 - Pinlias cousin, helped a lot with the buildings and resource gathering. One of the main expanders of the town, also participating in military issues and money farming for plot claims.

LiviGaby - Pinlias sister, joined the town in its beginning and helps with almost everything. She takes care of farming resources, ores, and money, as well as building houses with BabyBalrogGIRL and terraforming the town surroundings.

Shass300 - redchemist3 friend, helped in the beginning expansion. Currently inactive.

HypnoticFire - Currently co-mayor of the town. Helped actively with the "dragon_sauce" military conflict, mainly projected all the Redstone systems in the town, such as hidden features and buildings. Because of his efforts and participation in the town's history and community , Pinlias named him co-mayo oin July 1 ,2020.

BabyBalrogGIRL - Baby first appeared as being robbed twice by unknown players that were hunting her. Pinlias offered her a place to stay and she quickly became one of the most important citizens in the town. She built a lot of things, such as storage, decorations, camps, fountains, hotels and houses for new citizens, making her history as one of the main builders at the town and a really kind person who everyone loves.

greekthor - Honorable citizen who built curious and eccentric structures. In his portfolio, we can take bamboo forests, brewing stands, lotteries, and a house with different rooms. He also helped HypnoticFire with some Redstone systems and built the town jail in a secret plot. It's the main potion maker of the town and has the Sheriff rank, along with F105. Isn't currently active but will be forever remembered in town.

DiamondSpade - Helped in funding some of the redstone projects that HypnoticFire constructed.

_afb - Honorable citizen. Since he joined, he mainly did improvements in the farmings, as well as bringing back animals, such as a good amount of cows and pigs to the town, which granted him recognition. He also is doing some logistics and secret projects, and maximizing the endermen grinder efficiency.

TinyTiger1001 - Citizen who actively participated in the reconstruction and retrieval of animals, bringing back pigs and sheep. He also built forts and an airbase that was later sold for military use.

Jaehyukie - Joined 06 August 2020, looking for a town. Once Pinlias welcomed her, she became building, with exceptional skills. She decorated the entire city and the interiors of buildings such as the public warehouse, completely remodeled the farms, implemented new roads and paths, and led architectural projects. Pinlias granted her co-mayor role for complete permissions at the town, as well as architect leader of the town projects. Currently, she is working on international projects that are being considered, like the Liverpool Embassy and the shop in the World Market Center, at Neuberlin.

Nickelboy757 - Joined 13 July 2020, Happens to share birthday with the town, Close companion of HypnoticFire, Brought back the original Cows and Chickens, Field Marshal of the Osiris Field Army, Also participating in Military Issues, he became part of the Leadership team, as a way of recognizing all of his acts and efforts.

Puddlethepanda - Architectural leader who carried out several military projects, such as tents and bases for the militia. He also designed the "Project Doorstep". Although not very active, He has his own server where he works on the buildings.

Altys - Former founder of LiontariPoli and Chancellor of Thaempire, Altys is a diplomat who served in the city's history in important conflicts involving diplomacy. After the fall of Liontaripoli and the dissolution of Thaempire, Altys integrated himself as one of the leaders of the town after his administrative restructuring. Took also place at logistic projects, such as idealizing and leading the project "Heaven", that consisted of having a massive underground system, similar as Liontaripoli's one.

Dzw567 - helped with various projects in the city and was very active over a period of time. He also designed and created one of the emergency bunkers entirely, with crop and tree farms, mob spawners and mine systems. Dzw has suddenly disappeared, but will always be remembered and recognized.

aFlyingPumpkin - entered after the dissolution of the city of Libya by attacks from Neo Simperial Chile. Since his entry, he has made his history as the main potion brewer in town, making around 3.3 shulkers of heal pots per hour, designing redstone farms, and acting as a fully autonomous terrorist and hitman.

Honorable Mentions ( non-citizens and ex-citizens ) Edit

byggarebob002 - It is impossible to talk about Somalia's history without quoting byggarebob002. He first appeared a day after the town creation and since then he gave gifts, motivation, support, and everything Pinlias needed in the beginning to expand the town. He gave support in all the times Pinlias and NRS were robbed. He also helped a lot in diplomacy by being the main connection between NRS and the United States. He is the most notable non-citizen for Somalia and will always be recognized for his gentle acts. Pinlias is planned him an statue, that was built by PletroSaurusRex and now represents all the friendship byggarebob002 has with the NRS as a whole.

PengiBot3/ CheesyJokes877 - Pengi first introduced himself as mayor of a city to which Dzw belonged. After becoming friends with Pinlias, he became an intimate ally of his and began to be part of logistics projects. One of the plans between him and Pinlias was to create his own peaceful nation, the Republic of Malta. However, due to the attack on the Nigerian Caliphate and the accidental defeat at Lapisbay, Pengi decided to join the NRS for a while. There he continued to build works until he returned from himself again and founded New_Valletta (now, hobyo), a thriving, organized and planned city located just south of the NRS. He is regarded as a close ally of the town, due to his efforts and loyalty. on the 24th of September 2020, he recreated the republic of Malta thus becoming the President of the Republic of Malta, which has been renamed to the "Hobyan Empire"

WaddleWill - Mayor of the High Tower and close ally of Pinlias. Their relationship began at the moment when Chile was being attacked, Pinlias offered Waddle an offer to return to his original nation, the United States, and to remain as personal allies. Since then, High Tower and NRS have not separated, and migrate from nations together, just as they did in Thaempire, Neo Simperial Chile and others. WaddleWill is loyal to the alliance between High Tower and NRS and their efforts deserve recognition.

Gallery Edit

Here is the gallery with the buildings from the town, as well as some memorable events. All the credits goes to the respective builders.

First farm

Rare and unique picture of the first farm in town, back in the exactly day redchemist3 and Pinlias met and became rebuilding the fort. Later, it became griefed by DiamondKnightLC. Screenshot taken by Pinlias.

Everyone together

Rare picture of a meeting at greekthor's house, back in the first days of the town. Screenshot by Pinlias

Jesse house

Jaehyukie´s main house and first builder as a resident. Original renderization from her. Built in August 06,2020.

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