NWT is an ambitious company that aims to link cities in Europe and beyond using a railway system. The project will be long due to the cost of building. NWT is already supported by few towns in Nova that helps the project.

We please ask you to be respectful of the work we put in this project and to not destroy the lines.

History Edit

16/10/2019 : NWT Is created, La Rochelle NWT Station is built.

17/10/2019 : La Rochelle-Toulouse portion of railway is created. Toulouse TER Station is built.

18/10/2019 : Toulouse-Marseille portion of railway is created.

19/10/2019 : NWT Headquarters moved from La Rochelle To Perpignan. Updated project map

20/10/2019 : Perprignan TER Station is built.

21/10/2019 : TGV construction from Marseille to Paris began (Lane terraforming finished)

30/10/2019 : TGV 1 Electric lanes partially installed, rails partially installed. Terraforming finished from Marseille to Paris. Marseille TGV Station finished.
Nwt map 2

NWT France Railways and Projects

2019-10-21 00.48.14

TGV 1 Under Contruction at Marseille

Nwt tgv 2

Amsterdam-Paris TGV Project (Link to FlyNovus Airlines)

Routes Edit

Train line Departure Arrival
TER 1 (b) La Rochelle Marseille
TER 2 (p) Marseille Milano-Turin
TER 3 (p) La Rochelle Rouen
TGV 1 (b) Marseille Paris
TGV 2 (p) Paris Amsterdam
DB 1 (p) Amsterdam Frankfurt
DB 2 (p) Amsterdam Bremen
SUB 1 (c) Marseille Atlantis

(p) : Project, not built yet.

(b) : built

(c) : In construction

Prices Edit

The FastPass system is being implanted on the railways, FastPass is a rail cart that can be used on all NWT Railways.

The price is $5 and can be bought in NWT Railway Stations via a chest shop (FP can be used on TER Lines and TGV High Speed lanes)

Future Edit

The future of NWT is big, the first objective is to link cities and make all European towns closer to each other. We want a big and useful railway system for people that cannot afford planes, due to rising costs.

Partner Companies Edit

FlyNovus Edit

On 20th October 2019, FlyNovus associated with NWT to create simpler ways to travel. The future Amsterdam Schiphol Terminal will have a TGV high speed lane to Paris, and other normal lanes to access close towns from the airport. This new partnership will bring fast connections for FlyNovus by extending the radius of action of the airport in Europe.

Projects Edit

Atlantis Subway Edit

The Atlantis Subway is a Project that aims to connect the city Atlantis in Sardinia to Europe via a huge tunnel under the mediterranean sea. The Subway will link Marseille TGV/TER Station in France to Atlantis in Sardinia

End of the Project Edit

After more than 1 month and 15 days of existing the company decided to stop their activity due to heavy grief on all the rails in France and the costs of it. NWT Decided to focus on building roads in france via the new company ARF.

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