Ost Reich is a Novan nation established on November 7, 2019 by Titoxic. The nation is centered in Siberia, with its capital, Neuberlin, being located here.

History Edit

The Founding of Ost Reich Edit

(Currently in development at time of writing)

In the world of Nova on November 7th, 2019, the player Titoxic founded the nation of Ost Reich. As the messages of "GG" flooded the chat Titoxic declared Neuberlin its capitol.

Controversy Edit

While a seemingly law abiding nation, the Ost Reich is not perfect. One of their biggest problems is their political actions, primarily centralizing around prisoners. Prisoners have been treated very poorly by the members of the Ost Reich military. They are commonly tortured and forced to build/mine. Feldwebel __Battle had done the most damage, commonly sending people on death marches for minor things. Some players are okay with it while it disturbs others.

Towns in the Nation Edit

Ost Reich currently consists of six towns and previously consisted of seven towns. Null Island was once part of the nation of Ost Reich but was unfortunately disbanded by armygarrett. The six current towns are as follows:

  • Neuberlin (Created October 4, 2019),which acts as the capitol of Ost Reich, and is also the most populous town in the nation.
  • Nordhafen (Created November 7, 2019), which was the second town added to the Ost Reich. It is to the North of Neuberlin.
  • NeuMunich (Created November 10, 2019), which was the third town to be added to Ost Reich. (Notice the pattern?) It is to the East of Neuberlin.
  • Troy (Created October 4, 2019) which is a city owned by the Ost Reich. It is currently the furthest town from Neuberlin.
  • Malung (Created November 13, 2019) is a rather small Hamlet in the nation of the Ost Reich.
  • Regensburg (Created November 18, 2019), is a small town in the Ost Reich.

Notable People Edit

(Feel free to add someone you deem notable enough!)

The smaller country of Ost Reich is being held up by its community. While some players are more inactive than others, some have been notable enough for this page. These following members of the Ost Reich have done something for the Ost Reich or plays an important role in their society.

Titoxic Edit

Kaiser Edit

Titoxic is the current leader of the Ost Reich and has been in office from November 7th, 2019 - Present. Not only does he make sure the towns are in order, but also in times of war he is commonly the leader of groups of infantry. He is a clever man who both tends to peace but will send his nation to war if threatened.

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