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Perpignan (Nova) is a town that was created on October 20th 2019. It belongs to AnticosMC. The town joined instinctively the French nation. (France)


Perpignan is located on Nova next to the Mediterannean Sea and the Pyrenées Mountains in the South of France. The town has huge advantages due to the proximity of the capital Toulouse where people from all the server can spawn. Tourists come often to visit this little sunny town next to the sea. The terrain was perfect and didn't needed huge terraforming to create the town.


The Economy of the town comes mainly from fields and animals, but via the new roads and the shop in the middle of town, tourists can buy materials and food in the shops that are creating a new type of economy in Perpignan.


(Perpignan is where NWT installed their Headquarters lastly. The town is linked to the Railway system via a Regional Train that goes from La Rochelle to Marseille Central Station.)

The town is also linked to other continents thank to the brand new international Airport at the south of the city. The Airport and the Railway Station are accessible fastly with Roads that connects them.

The brand new ARF Road system began to be built from Perpignan and is in full expansion to connect France and other countries