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The Persian Republic is a nation in Novus founded on the 18th of June, 2019.

The first town founded,that would ultimately become the capital :Persepolis, is the main hub for the nation,as it contains the 2 most iconic buildings in Persia; The town hall and the Parliament,each decorated with the Persian flag at the top.

Humble Begginings

-Persepolis first started out as a small settlement in North-Eastern Iran,just south of the Caspian. All it was,was a ring of cacti with some chests and furnaces in the middle. As it expanded, huge,interlocking sandstone streets were built,lined with houses and shops,all surrounding the main building :

The town hall and Parliament.

Next came the walls.Big,tall,sandstone walls surrounded the entire city north to south,east to west,with 4 main gates for entry.


-For now, Persepolis, who had just gotten independence from the Byzantines, only controled the northern part

of Iran. In the north Caspian coast, lied a town called Nerve,who was founded on the 3-6-2019. After that, a new town in Afghanistan (Kabul) was also founded on the 25-6-2019. Now, Persia controlled northern Iran and southern Afghanistan. Next in Azerbaijan,was created a town called Baku on the 26-6-2019. Then a town in western Iran called Pasargadae on the 10-7-2019. After this,a colony,founded by LisPisCringe on the eastern Javanese coast called Kadiri was made on 11-7-2019. Now,Persia controlled all of Iran (except the southwest coast), East Azerbaijan,Eastern Java,and Crete.

The G.A.M.E Alliance

-The G.A.M.E Alliance was the new kid on the block,an alliance comprising of the newly formed nations of Egypt,Neo-Babylonia,Persia,and Sudan (although Sudan would withdraw after a while). These nations leaders,plus most of their citizens held a summit in the Persian parliament to discuss everything about this alliance. Most importantly,it was decided that Giza (Egypt's capital) would become the trade hub for G.A.M.E.

Although the alliance has now become inactive.

The logo of the Persian Space Agency, the first space agency on Novus.

Politics and political system

The System

The Persian Republic is a representative democracy with 2 week terms. Eligable voters (discord members) vote for a party which then will get seats in the Persian Parliament acording to the % of the voters that voted for them. The party with the most votes also gets to choose the President.

The Political Parties

the persian political party compass

-The Persian government is made up of 3 main parties:

1.The Authoritarian Democratic Party

2.USP (United Socialist Party)

3. PLP (Persian Libertarian Party)