Prague was founded on 14 June 2019 in Gladius by Madam_min (bizzycoen's girlfriend).

The city is a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire - jointly led by Holy_Divinity (Vienna) and nekat_si_eman (Budapest).

Prague is one of the most active and largest towns on the server even though it exists out of only a few citizens. Including an amazing architect that has built every block of Prague all by himself while the rest got ready for PvP and collected the materials our architect needed. The citizens of Prague put all the love and toxicity they have into their town to make sure it keeps up with the rough modern society of Datearth. It's been through a lot in just the few days this server has been online. Surviving huge (surprise) attacks from other nations, you could say it is pretty tough to bring it down. Ofcourse we could not do this alone, which is why we are very thankful to everybody in the Austro-Hungarian nation for helping us out when necessary.

Make sure to visit Prague if you are in the neighbourhood. It's a beautiful city that might even give you some ideas for your own town. Shoutout to our boi and architect Sushi!!!

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