The Republic of Texas is a nation founded on November 10th, 2019, but has acted as an independent organization of cities as early as November 4th, 2019. The union was originally formed by a collection of Nova American towns and German colonies in geographic Texas.

The movement to form Texas was spearheaded by Mayor Chase61 of Austin, a Germanic colony, and Mayor Droppingbombs of San Antonio, a Nova American town. With massive support from the city of McAllen, who had already been discussing ideas on the formation of a Republic of Texas. The founding cities soon came to be known as Austin, San Antonio, McAllen, Houston, and Dallas. By December 5th, 2019, the Republic of Texas had grown to become the biggest nation on Nova.

On December 7th, 2019, Gladia was released. As a result, many Texas either flocked to Gladia or disappeared entirely-- resulting in the inactivity and subsequent fall of the Republic of Texas. The date of the fall of the Republic of Texas is estimated to have been around early to mid January 2020. It was succeeded by the Texan Nationalist Republic, which began organizing on March 13th, 2020.

Introduction Edit

Naming Edit

The Republic of Texas is named after its real-world counterpart in American history. Possible names for the Republic included both Texas and the Texan Enclave.

Characteristics Edit

Texas Flag 2 by whanzel

The official flag of the Republic of Texas, with six stars representing the five founding towns and a unified Texas.

Although the cities of Texas may vary due to having developed separately, the Republic of Texas is united by a few key features and overall strong national unity. Austin and Houston are the economic powerhouses of the Republic, while San Antonio and New Washington act as the military support.

The nation as a whole was characterized by immense loyalty to their allies and strong nationalist values, mixed with libertarian ideas and policies. However, before the fall of the Republic of Texas, it was predicted that a rise of authoritarianism was imminent.

Territory Edit

Texan Map 3

A map of the claimed Texas territory as of November 11th, 2019.

The Republic of Texas claims a large area of land in southern North America, ranging from geographical Nevada to Florida. Their territory used to be undercut by a large number of Nova American cities, as well as a colony from Belarus. However, the Republic of Texas has since expanded to control most of these cities.

Texan Map 4a

A man of the claimed Texas territory as of November 23rd, 2019.

Their primary goal is to expand in all directions, excluding to the south, primarily focusing on north and east. This is shown in the dispute over Red River Valley, the colonization of Florida, and expansionist policies. Consequently, this has led to issues with other nations expanding into Texan territory. However, the Republic of Texas is not adverse to friendly nations or allies settling near or within their territory-- so long as they are notified beforehand. This was primarily seen in the agreement made between Republic of Texas and New England.

History Edit

Pre-Founding Era (November 2019) Edit

The Beginning of a United Texas Edit

2019-11-05 12.47.53

Although initially fortified, Austin opened their borders to San Antonio following amicable relations harbored by the Republic of Texas.

On October 31st, 2019, the Nova American state of Alaska was granted independence and was established as the Republic of Alaska. Mayor Chase61 of the Germanic city of Austin had been considering the formation of a Republic of Texas for a while now, and McAllen officials Doctor_Tordoc and InvaderXYZ had been discussing the plans for independence as far back as October 12th-- with various plans to motivate San Antonio into spearheading an independence movement. However, Mayor Chase61 was reportedly, "too afraid of [Nova] America to actually do it." Once President Lucius__ of the Republic of Alaska approached Mayor Chase61 with his support for a Texan independence movement, invigorating Chase61 to reach out Mayor Droppingbombs of San Antionio.

A nerve was struck with the people of Nova America, following the resignation of Secretary of State Accesseed after being denied independence for the state of Carolina following the independence of the state of Alaska. Frustrated with the Nova American government, Beaufort was abandoned and Carolina left in a state of decay on November 4th, 2019; with Governor Accesseed declaring Beaufort to be disbanded in the near future and Carolina dissolved.

2019-11-05 16.03.40

The Texan flag flies on McAllen's Town Hall following San Antonio's declaration of independence.

On November 4th, 2019, Mayor Droppingbombs declared San Antonio's intent to secede from the union, dissolving the Nova American state of Texas and forming a Republic of Texas with the power split between Austin and San Antonio. This was quickly backed by the residents of McAllen, who fully supported the move. However, Supreme Justice TheCoolGeek denied their request for independence, claiming that it would spark a "chain reaction," in Nova America and that the nation would quickly crumble during a period where he was beginning to "[repair] it." Governor Zericef of Indiana proclaimed,

"All of yall are traitors. You wouldn't be where you are without the nation. The nation wouldn't be where it is without the people. Now you want to leave the nation that has built you up, and for what? This is a betrayal of comradery. The nation accepted us all in with open arms, so why now do you want to leave it with clenched fists?"
On November 5th, as part of his campaign for the Nova American presidency Governor Jwan negotiated with Mayor Droppingbombs of San Antonio to advocate for their independence on the requirement that the Republic of Texas be open to the possibility of returning to Nova America in the future. An agreement was met, but Governor Jwan was unable to gain the attention of an official in the federal government for the approval of San Antonio's secession. With threats of war from TheCoolGeek and Zericef, McAllen began to put the consideration of war as a necessary evil to gain independence from Nova America.

2019-11-06 14.25.42

Governor Jwan visits McAllen for the first time after San Antonio officially seceded from Nova America.

However, on November 6th, Governor Jwan as able to garner the attention of President Prodromus who wished to speak on the subject further with the leadership of San Antonio. Mayor Doctor_Tordoc of McAllen presented himself as the representative for San Antonio and was able to meet an agreement with President Prodromus. At 4:19pm PST, San Antonio, and thus McAllen, was officially declared independent from Nova America. By then, Mayor Chase61 of the city of Austin has gained the support of the Republic of Alaska, Carthage, and Lemuria for the formation of the Republic of Texas. In addition, Governor Jwan provided a $100 donation to the future nation and advocated for San Antonio and McAllen's continued Nova American citizenship; primarily the ability to vote in elections.

Organization of the Government Edit

Based on ideas originally proposed by Mayors Chase61 and Droppingbombs, Assistant InvaderXYZ of McAllen drafted a Constitution of the Republic of Texas. After discussion with Mayor Chase61 of Austin, this document was approved and was set in motion to become the official basis of government in the future Republic of Texas.

On November 7th, Secretary InvaderXYZ officially submitted the party application for the Zen Party of McAllen, designating the party leader as Mayor Doctor_Tordoc and declaring it the official party of McAllen. That same day, Secretary InvaderXYZ approached Mayor Doctor_Tordoc on the subject of running for the elected President of the Republic of Texas. Although Doctor_Tordoc had been planning to campaign for the Presidency of Nova America, he deemed Secretary InvaderXYZ the viable candidate-- making her the nomination for the elected Presidency.

"I am running on the foundational ideas that the Republic of Texas is a nation to be taken seriously-- we are not just some small North American nation; we are a group of people whose will is indomitable, and I want to demonstrate to the world of Nova just how much of a force the Republic of Texas is to be reckoned with."

Arrival of the Enclave Edit

2019-11-08 22.47.34

The Enclave occupying Dallas.

After speaking with Mayor Chase61 of Austin, the city of Houston expressed interest in joining the Republic of Texas, solidifying the union. However, on November 8th, 2019, a rogue faction called The Enclave took ideological control of Dallas and declared it a part of the Nova-American Enclave. This had come about as the Enclave were passing through Texas, under persecution by Governor Joe Machine of California for trying to build an oil rig in their territory.

Secretary InvaderXYZ met with the leaders of the Enclave and discussed the situation with Dallas as they resolved their issues with Governor JoeMachine of California. The Enclave eventually agreed to be absorbed into the Republic of Texas, along with Dallas-- but allowed the ability to form their own political party and run for the elected presidency, allowing them to take control of the Republic of Texas. With the support of the Enclave, population boomed in McAllen, rising from 4 to 10 in a matter of days.


Oceanica's location in approximation to Antalya and Israel.

On November 9th, Leks2906, one of the primary architects in Austin, defected and attempted to found a town on the coast of Texas; the prime motivator being that Leks2906 was loyal to the Germanic cause and did not want to be a part of a Texan Republic. Leks2906 was eventually pushed out, and went on to found a town called Oceanica in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of the German city of Antalya and in close-proximity to the city of Israel.

Later that day, the Enclave settled in San Antonio before receiving $1270 from Secretary InvaderXYZ to found the town of New Washington, the Enclave capital. This was under the agreement that the Enclave would continue to be a member of the Republic of Texas until they were strong enough to found their own nation as the American Enclave. Beginning operations as the Texan Enclave, New Washington drew a lot of attention from Nova American officials-- namely Governor Zericef and Supreme Justice TheCoolGeek. Although initially hostile, things deescalated after New Washington briefly joined Mexico so that they could receive protection until the Republic of Texas had officially been formed by Mayor Chase61 of Austin.

By the time November 10th had rolled around, World War Nova had ended and Germany was able to allow the city of Austin to officially secede from the union for the price of $5000. This, along with the independence granted to the city of Israel by Nova America after a long struggle, set the stage for the foundation of the official Republic of Texas.

Founding Era (November 2019) Edit

Texan Growth and Expansion Edit

2019-11-10 10.12.30

TheCoolGeek visits McAllen to discuss the Union of North America.

On November 10th, at 9:25am PST, the Republic of Texas was formed by Mayor Chase61 of Austin. With Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and New Washington under its jurisdiction, the Republic of Texas controlled nearly all of greater Texas. Upon formation, the Republic of Texas was extended an invitation to the Union of North America. However, this invitation was later rejected as TheCoolGeek, who had organized it in an attempt to keep control over North America, had not done much to give any of the members of the alliance any autonomy. TheCoolGeek later ditched the union for Valkyrie.

In a last second bid for the elected presidency, DieTheVillain of Austin announced his campaign for the presidency as the nomination for The Technocracy Initiative. The political party was formed on the day of the primaries with the intent of opposing the Zen Party of McAllen in the upcoming election. Since there were only two political parties, both made it to the presidential elections-- with the Zen Party of McAllen taking 100% of the vote in the primaries. Presidential nominee DieTheVillain had this to say about his party's platform:

"We will create a new feature of prosperity, peace, and wealth through social and technological superiority."

2019-11-17 16.13.06

The territory of Miami upon founding.

On November 11th, ThikKrab was given a grant of $2000 by Austin to found the city of Miami in geographical Florida, south of the Nova American city of Tampa. Miami quickly grew to a population of three on the same day of its founding-- and was quickly given its own state, designating ThikKrab as the new Governor of Miami.

Tensions rose between the Republic of Texas after they had begun to harbor the Enclave, who had already declared their intent to overthrow Nova America in retribution for transgressions made against their people. However, things seemingly escalated on November 11th, when Lastiy from Nova America begun to attack the city of Austin, unprovoked. Mayor SteveGoldberg quickly arrived to diffuse the situation, however this ultimately led to a growing hostility between the two allied nations-- whose relationship was already shaky as it was.

2019-11-09 21.32.19

McAllen's harbor, Port Isabel, is completed-- connecting the Republic of Texas by water.

That same day, Erusea publicly asked the Republic of Texas for support in the war against France. The Republic of Texas had already been considering siding with France, as they sought to obtain the territory of Red River Valley and depose Mayor Speggit to continue their expansion eastward. However, so far this had proven difficult as not only was Red River Valley an aggressor to the Republic of Texas and Alaska, but the Republic of Alaska sought to form an alliance with Erusea in-order to pacify Red River Valley. Mayor Speggit eventually gave the statement that they were willing to fight against Nova America if they proved to be a threat, but wanted no contact with the Republic of Texas otherwise. However, the Republic of Texas ultimately decided to abstain-- as the risks were too great to pursue.

This was later resolved by a negotiation involving President Chase61, Governor Chalphis of Dallas, Leader Lucius of Alaska, and Mayor Speggit of Red River Valley on November 12th. This involved the mutual agreement of the construction of a river between Red River Valley and Dallas, indicating a physical boundary between their two territories.

On November 14th, Dallas saw a good deal of growth; in-addition to the return of Secretary Smazo to San Antonio. However, Secretary Smazo began plans for the city of 'Hell' in the Caribbean with the help of DieTheVillain. The founding of the town was approved, but not funded until facilities were fully constructed by Secretary Smazo, himself.

A Growing Conflict Edit


The election results of the Presidential Election of November 2019.

On November 15th, the city of Israel finally seceded from the Republic of Texas to form Greater Israel, as had been their goal since their secession from Nova America. The day also heralded election day for both the Republic of Texas and Nova America. People from all over the Republic rushed to the polls to vote in favor of their preferred candidate, the victor of which wasn't revealed until the following day. Secretary President InvaderXYZ of the Zen Party of McAllen won the Presidency with 75% of the vote, with 25% of Texans voting for DieTheVillain of the Technocracy Initiative.

Additionally, TheIronHamster was given a grant of $2000 by the Republic of Texas to form the city of Phoenix in the ruins of old Phoenix, creating the State of Arizona and marking the Republic's first major expansion westward.

However, this was all overshadowed by Nova America's reaction to some intelligence submitted by Jwall, indicating that Lucius of the Republic of Alaska intended to "take back Nova America." However, further investigation by the Republic of Texas proved that this was a quote taken out of context and did not mean what the Nova Americans believed it meant. President InvaderXYZ (prior to the announcement of the results of the election), attempted to explain this to Nova America-- and was booted from the discussion.

Leader Lucius of the Republic of Alaska attempted to address the nation of Nova America and defuse the situation on the very same day.

"Americans, I think there has been a misunderstanding. Alaska has no intention of declaring war on America. There has been a level of frustration because Americans have attacked some of our Northern cities in Canada. That explains that snapshot you guys have been sending around. We will not declare war on you guys but if you guys nuke us or attack us we will be ready to defend ourselves. I would like to think that our nation's in North America could live peacefully and that we could keep peace on the continent."
However, Lucius was only met with hostility and aggression from Nova America. On the night of November 15th, TheCoolGeek was cited by many Texans as saying, "If I was in power[,] the Republic of Texas won't be a thing[;] same for the Republic of Alaska." This incited a bit of chaos among Texans and Alaskans alike, further damaging relations with Nova America. As a result, many Texans grew interested in the Nova American election-- which seemed to drag on. Although Texans were initially authorized to vote in the second phase of the Nova American election, TheCoolGeek quickly stripped them of their voting rights and lowered support for Governor Jwan.

With the advent of President InvaderXYZ's presidential victory, she collaborated with Chase61 to write and pass the Texan Homeland and Military Act, organizing Texan military and nuclear programs. The act also sought to rename the Texan Presidential positions and begin production on the NASA project.

On November 16th, Ghana attacked the Republic of Alaska, who suspected Nova Americans using them as a proxy. However, President Prodromus denied any Nova American involvement in the attack. Leader Lucius of the Republic of Alaska once again attempted to speak with the citizens of Nova America-- this time taking a more defensive stance.

"Put it this way. We have you surrounded. We don't want war."
Dovis and many other speak out of Anger and fear of you guys. Look if you [want to] raid and attack my cities then I'll be justified to defend them and that is that. One of the reasons I left NA stood because a lot of you guys do not understand diplomacy. NA hurt a lot of alliances I worked hard on when I was part of the nation. The best example would be Avar. I really don't want to argue about the past with you guys, I will say that if attacked we will defend our nation and territory. We are ready if called upon to fight. I would rather solve this in a diplomatic way."
Once again, Lucius was met with hostility from Nova America and the refusal to listen or even have a discussion with the Republic of Alaska. The Republic of Texas received similar treatment, but the perception of Texas was more positive in Nova America, and that was reflected by less hostile reactions to Texan attempts at communication.

On November 17th, conflict rapidly escalated as Nova Americans showed an increasing incapability to listen to the Republic of Alaska or the Republic of Texas. Attempted diplomacy led to further hostility and Texas held the official stance that they were staying neutral until the new President of Nova America was announced. However, the popular vote resulted in a 50/50 split between TheCoolGeek and Jwan, resulting in the Nova American electoral college coming into effect.

2019-11-17 14.46.01

The founding of Colorado Springs.

Among all of the international chaos, the town of Colorado Springs is founded by Acehard01 and added to the Republic of Texas. However, the town's name is incorrectly typed; resulting in the town being named "?" for the time being. With the founding of this town, the State of Colorado begins to be organized and assembled, with territorial lines having yet to be drawn.

Nova America began dropping nukes near Alaskan towns, and as a result, skirmishes begun in Alaskan territory. Governor A2NRU of Houston led an attack on Washington DC, Annapolis, and Hampton Bays (although initially attacking New Washington), supported by rogue Alaskans in retaliation-- a large-scale conflict becoming seemingly inevitable between all of North America. This is confirmed once it is discovered that Nova America was planning to attack the following day, putting the Republic of Texas in a concerning position.

The North American War Edit

Main article: The North American War (Nova)

2019-11-17 18.52.11

The Skirmish of Austin.

On November 17th, at 6:18PM PST, the Republic of Texas declared war on Nova America, beginning the North American War. Fighting begins almost immediately, with SteveGoldberg, Zericef, and Lastiy invading the city of Austin from New Orleans and slaughtering the defending Texan forces in Austin and San Antonio. This prompted the arrival of Alaskan forces who repelled the three American soldiers-- resulting in SteveGoldberg calling a temporary ceasefire to negotiate with the Alaskans. He offered them guns, $1000, and his own city of Cape Town in exchange for the Republic of Alaska leaving the war and letting them right the Republic of Texas one on one. This offer was promptly denied and the Texan Rangers were forced to retreat to Carthana as they regrouped and planned their next attack. Later, on November 18, 2019, at 9:50 P.M. EST, New Orleans capitulated to the Republic of Texas.

2019-11-19 11.00.29

The siege of Red Ridge.

By the war's end on November 22nd, the Republic of Texas had gained the towns of New Orleans, New Vegas, Red Ridge, and Bentonville; with Omaha Base going to the Republic of Alaska, and Grand Junction and Grand Canyon going to the Pacific Union. The city of Goshen seceded and returned to Nova America to the dismay of Texans, and Annapolis was granted independence which later became a key member of the newly organized nation of New England. The Republic of Texas left the war as the fourth biggest nation in the world and entered a new stage in international politics after reaching global prominence.

Post-War Era (Nov-Dec 2019) Edit

Aftermath of the North American War Edit

The immediate aftermath of the North American war was peppered with attacks from bitter Nova Americans at not only having lost the war, but at the death of Nova America. With the nation in its death throes as towns secede left and right, as well as TheCoolGeek acting as the de-facto leader after refusing to release the results of the presidential election-- the nation had essentially collapsed. As a result, the Republic of Alaska and the Pacific Union displayed an increased reluctance to continue the fight as all of their issues had been resolved and Nova America had been effectively destroyed.

2019-11-22 21.22.08

Lord_Ocram setting up Hobo Base.

However, the Republic of Texas began to enjoy a period of increased prosperity following the war. With a massive about of land and citizens, the nation saw a minor surge in funding and massive growth in the founding of new towns. This was a direct result of increased interest in the Republic of Texas as a result of becoming the dominant nation on the North American continent. On November 22nd, xRootedFirefox founded the city of Fort Worth right next to Dallas, having joined Texas prior to the war with the intent of settling at the behest of Governor Chalphis, himself. However, Fort Worth would not be officially annexed until November 24th. On that same day, Lord_Ocram of San Antonio made a trek to the very bottom of the world to found the city of Hobo Base, a heavily fortified settlement serving as a military base.

As a side effect of this massive growth, religion was introduced into the Republic of Texas by Secretary Spooky_Courier_6 of New Washington in the form of Rayboygeniusism, on November 22nd. Within two days, the religion had a statue, a church, and a small following of citizens.

2019-11-28 12.09.56

The city of New Memphis after rapid growth.

The growth did not stop there, as New Memphis was founded the following day on November 23rd by former Phoenix resident Notorius_IGGSTER, who had previously considered becoming the Mayor of Bentonville and revitalizing it as Memphis. As such, the State of Tennessee was formed to encompass the cities of Bentonville and New Memphis. Later that day, festivep0key joined the Republic of Texas and despite considering the Mayorship of New Vegas, they founded the town of Oklahoma City within the State of Austin.

On November 24th, Vice President festivebray of Superior participated in a Nova American attack on President Chase61 and Governor A2NRU because he was "bored," resulting in the severing of the alliance between the Republic of Texas and Superior. Although they wanted to reform the alliance following the attack, their request was denied. As an indirect result, the Superior city of Saul Ste Marie (later renamed to Spawn) seceded from Superior and was annexed by the Republic of Texas. Former Vice-President AchMine2k left Superior to join the Republic of Texas, as well.

2019-11-25 15.40.52

The first rocket is launched by NASA.

Epik_pilot attempted to drop a nuke on the city of Colorado Springs on November 25th, resulting in a minor resurgence in Texan hate for the nation of Nova America. This led to a growing of support for the nuclear program as President InvaderXYZ directed the nation's focus back towards her NASA project, which had been forgotten due to the war. The nation was able to raise the money with help from President Chase61, Spooky_Courier_6, and Lil_red_, resulting in the formation of NASA. Since nobody had stepped up to become Chairman of NASA, President InvaderXYZ was appointed the Chairman of NASA and successfully launched the Republic of Texas's first rocket in the outskirts in-between Houston and New Orleans.

The first phase of the NASA project was successfully completed on November 25th, with President InvaderXYZ becoming the first Texan on the moon. This marked the beginning of the Republic of Texas's nuclear program. Not long afterwards, former resident of Austin Ahzuo founded the city of Nashville; further growing the State of Tennessee. However, the Tripresidency became concerned when Australasia settled the town of Valentine in Louisiana. This prompted President Chase61 and President InvaderXYZ to approach President Jwan of New England, who had just been sworn into office and already had an existing relationship with the Republic of Texas. President Jwan referred them to nation leader Nebbler of Ludlow, and the four had a discussion about informing Texas if they ever had the desire to settle within their claimed territory; with the meeting ending amicably.

Political Activity in Texas Edit

2019-11-28 12.27.41

The early construction of NASA's Moon Base.

On November 26th, 2019, the Political Party Reform Act was passed by President InvaderXYZ; which tied national funding to the organization of political parties as a way to show support for what the funding was to be spent on. Governor Lord_Ocram of Hobo Base soon declared himself an Independent, saying, "Y’all be like “nation time” while I’m just over here building a super bunker in Antarctica like [Minecraft Hobo Sans.]"

In addition to the formation of NASA, the Republic of Texas saw an increase in the production of transportation services, such as hero718's construction of an airport in San Antonio, the mass construction of interstate highways, and the continued development of Naval ports and bases along the Texan east coast. Alongside all of these transportation projects, the nation's capitol was completed on November 27th, 2019 by President Chase61.


The borders between Dallas and Red River Valley following the conflict.

On November 27th, Mayor Speggit of Red River Valley approached President Chase61 with concerns that that Dallas was expanding too close to his city-- claiming one chunk south of him. This was met with push-back from the Republic of Texas, as at the time, Dallas had stayed within the territory that the two towns mad mutually agreed was theirs. Governor Chalphis even suggested that they "fight for it." Although this initially appeared to look like it was an issue that was going to escalate into a major conflict, Leader JustAKidWithAHat of Erusea approached President Chase61 and President InvaderXYZ. After a short discussion on the issues, the two nations agreed not to go to war over the conflict and that Mayor Speggit would be kept on "a tight leash"; leaving the Dallas and Red River Valley claims as they were, which were now directly next to each other as both cities had expanded to meet the other.

That same day, at 10:31PM PST, Governor Notorious_IGGSTER of Tennessee and Dadajiji formed the offical Ratboy Genius Party, declaring it the official political party of New Memphis and the official party of Tennessee, which has yet to be contested by the other mayors of Tennessee. The political party stands for low taxes, eco-friendly legislature, and the promotion of the Ratboygeniusism religion. In addition, President Chase61 oversaw the founding and annexation of a territory on the East Coast known as Charlotte.

2019-11-28 12.47.21

A meeting held on the subject of congress, taxation, and the presidential election.

On November 28th, the Ratboy Genius Party (RBGP) announced Notorious_IGGSTER's nomination for the presidential election of December 2019. The Zen Party of McAllen followed that up with the announcement of President InvaderXYZ's campaign for re-election. This prompted Mayor AchMine2k of New Vegas to announce his bid for the presidency under the international Miner's Party and Mayor zZzAwake to later run as the nomination for the Builder's Union, which was formed on November 29th.

The mayor of Saul Ste Marie/Spawn, zZzAwake, proposed an idea to disband Saul Ste Marie/Spawn and form a new town in Africa as a centralized Texan marketplace on November 28th. The idea was accepted by President Chase61 and with the help of Colonel Hero718, they were able to agree on a location in northern New Zealand to set up the new settlement. The following day it was founded with the name of New Spawn. Mayor zZzAwake was promoted to Colonel of the Nuclear Division by President InvaderXYZ that same day.

Post-War International Politics Edit

On November 30th, King The_Prodromus of the Pacific Union approached the Republic of Texas and asked for support with the Pacific Union's war against the "terrorist government" of Songhai. The Republic of Texas obliged and extended their support to the Pacific Union. However, it ultimately proved to be mostly unnecessary. The following day, the Republic of Alaska also asked for support for an unrelated war.

Although rumors of the party's formation had already been spread during a meeting on November 28th, the Phoenix Party officially organized on December 1st, and nominated Governor TheIronHamster for the presidential election of December 2019. Presidential nominees began to campaign for the presidency, with Mayor AchMine2k having this to say about his campaign:

"I think that I would make a good president because I have a lot of experience with datblock, I am a veteran player from Gladius. I also have had experience running nations because on Gladius I was the proconsul of Italy. I also am a helper on the server so I know what is going on.
If I become president I would want peace with Nova America because I know many of the people there and could work things out with them. I also would make the nation stronger because most Texans don't even [have] guns."
This prompted Colonel zZzAwake to give his own speech about his campaign a little less than an hour later, setting the stage for the presidential election of December 2019.

"Hello, I’ve been in the server for roughly 8 days now. I’m running for president for some odd reason.
I think I am suitable for president because I can already run my own town — with 21 members in 2 days. I realize now what you need to have a successful town or community. I will first attempt to help and support Village town or higher w/ money. I will also try to generate money for our military, space program, and towns itself.
I myself will construct among what the people have wanted and will want in the foreseeable future."

The following day, Colonel zZzAwake announced that he had selected Colonel Hero718 as his Vice President, despite the position not actually existing. However, after Mayor AchMine2k began searching for a Vice President, the position was unofficially legitimized. This, in addition to President Droppinqbombs comments on November 28th about there being no benefit to being President and that President Guerra and President Extranjero exist to check on President Internus, as well as the beginning of President Chase61's hands-off approach to Texas, began the centralization of power on President Internus.
2019-11-30 20.01.41

A group picture taken on location.

On December 2nd, DochiGaming of Phoenix proposed the State Architect as an official government position that works with Governors to co-ordinate city construction. Legislature began to be in the works for the State Architect to become an official position held in the Republic of Texas. That same day, Colonel Hero718, Colonel zZZAwake, Governor, Notorius_IGGSTER, and Creeperkillergah joined the Pacific Union on an attack against the forgotten kingdom, which proved to be successful.

After having drafted a document for the position of State Architect, DochiGaming submitted it to President InvaderXYZ on December 3rd, who officially approved it and put the document into effect. DochiGaming was soon after, appointed the first State Architect of the Republic of Texas. In addition to NASA officially taxing teleporting to the moon for $10 after holding a vote, Governor Notorious_IGGSTER of Tennessee considered dropping out of the presidential election after having been unable to keep up with the fast-moving Texan politics. However, his support base was able to convince him to continue running. Governor Notorious_IGGSTER later released a document detailing his plans for the presidency (which can be read here), and announced his selection of Creeperkillergah as his Vice President.


Hawaii before colonization.

On that same day, the Republic of Texas got caught up in negotiations over the territory of Hawaii after General Capt_Chief26 of the Republic of Alaska threatened war against the town of Hawaii, which currently belonged to Canada. He claimed that Hawaii belonged to Alaska because of a treaty signed between Nova America and the Republic of Alaska at the end of the North American War. Unfortunately, they had failed to inform everyone else involved in the war.

This miscommunication prompted a meeting between Canada, Hawaii, Texas, Alaska, and later the Pacific Union on the subject of Hawaii and its ownership. Although Leader Lucius of Alaska offered to buy the town from Canada, Canada, Texas, and Alaska decided to split Hawaii between the three of them, later including the Pacific Union as it became a project to maintain unity within North America. This came to be known as the Hawaiian Charter.

Later that day, Hawaii faced a minor conflict between a handful of ex-Hawaiians as Colonel Hero718 of San Antonio began harboring Hawaiian refugees who were hostile towards the current Hawaiian leadership. This included Kingkoala9207, Nuggetsforu, Trooper834, and HackerCal. While Nuggetsforu led an attack on the residents of Hawaii, Kingkoala9207 threatened Hawaii with nuclear weapons-- prompting President InvaderXYZ to order them to cease. Nuggetsforu was soon defeated by President CanGoatGaming of Canada, ending the conflict.

On December 4th, the city of Tallahassee was formed by MH33 and Colonel Hero718 was able to help facilitate the annexation of the city into the Republic of Texas. With Tallahassee existing within geographical Florida, President InvaderXYZ officially appointed MH33 as the new Governor of Miami, which was renamed to Florida. Later that night, President InvaderXYZ gave a speech as she began campaigning for the Presidency

"My fellow Texans, we find ourselves in a time of great prosperity. The Republic of Texas is the second biggest nation in the world and growing. I never thought I'd find ourselves in such a very successful position! Needless to say, I think I've delivered on my main promise of the last election-- and it's time to look towards the future.
Currently, our nation faces two great issues: the weak economy, and threat of inactivity from Gladia. As President, I promise that the Texan citizen will never have taxes directly imposed on them. I believe in an indirect system that incentivizes donating to the national bank, rather than forcing our loyal constituents to pay out of their own pocket every single day. We need to capitalize on trade opportunities and promote the formation of businesses to keep our nation afloat.
As for Gladia, I do not intend to abandon Texas for the new world. I think that during what is expected to be a long period of no traffic, we must not let all of our hard work go to waste. I plan to do my best to stimulate activity and keep Texas alive with projects, events, and continued Texan growth. During this period, we need a President who will stick with Nova, and stick with Texas-- and I believe I can do the job.
In addition, I want to push the envelope of North American unity. We fought a hard war to free the continent of Nova America, and to prevent conflict from ever touching this continent again. However, we have seen little of this: just yesterday we narrowly avoided a conflict between Alaska and Canada. It's time we stepped up and formed a true North American Union. And if elected-- I intend to do so. Thank you for your time."
Around twenty minutes after the speech, Governor Doctor_Tordoc of McAllen was announced to be her choice for the Vice Presidency, nearly officially legitimizing the position. Her pick of Vice President soon proved itself to be a popular choice; albeit not as popular as Colonel Hero718, who had begun to campaign on setting up ice-based events in San Antonio as a source of income.

2019-12-05 10.59.16

Ummenberg in the snow.

The following day, on December 5th, the Zennist Manifesto was published, marking the Zen Party of McAllen's induction as a subsidiary of the Zen Party Nationale. In addition, the newly founded settlement of Ummenberg in Siberia, owned by the 0st Reich, got in contact with Colonel Hero718 and requested to secede from the 0st Reich to join the Republic of Texas. Texas helped fund their secession, allowing them to join to the Republic as a new territory. However, this resulted in rising tensions between the two nations. Although the 0st Reich originally began threatening Ummenberg, they eventually backed off-- but Ummenberg continued the threats, even requesting nuclear force.

On the morning of December 6th, Colonel zZzAwake announced a set of planned policies, including bimonthly mayoral elections, an improved monetary support system for towns based on population, and varying sets of supplies for towns with certain numbers of residents (this can be seen here). Later that day, former NASA resident and Phoenix resident ALE4TOR10 founded the city of Atlanta, strengthening the Republic of Texas's hold on the southeast, an area that had recently been populated with Alaskan and Pacific Union settlements. In addition, State Architect DochiGaming expressed interest in leading a settlement on Hawaii.


The results of the poll on December 7th.

The results of a poll on December 7th revealed the Zen Party of McAllen was the most popular choice for the presidential election of December 2019, with 40% of the vote. In second place was the Builders' Union with 26.7% of the vote, and in third was the Ratboy Genius Party with 20% of the vote. The Phoenix Party polled at 13.3% and the Miner's Party polled at 0%. This prompted Governor TheIronHamster of the Phoenix Party to withdraw his nomination for the presidency, followed by Mayor AchMine2k of the Miner's Party, and Governor Notorious_IGGSTER of Ratboy Genius Party. The main residents voting hailed from San Antonio, Phoenix, and New Memphis.

As a result, the two campaigns of InvaderXYZ / Doctor_Tordoc of the Zen Party of McAllen and zZzAwake / Hero718 of the Builder's Union became the two front-runners before the primaries even occurred. When the primaries arrived on December 10th, it came as a shock to discover that the Builder's Union came in first with 60% of the vote, with the Zen Party of McAllen trailing in second with 40% of the vote. The new and popular ideas of Democratic Socialism associated with the Builders' Union were eating into the the Zen Party of McAllen's support-- as they continued to stick to liberal conservatism; emphasizing the ideas of nationalism over anarchy and socialism with the idea that the latter schools of thought would not be as popular.

December Election Banner

The official banner of the December 2019 Presidential Election.

The Republic of Texas Presidential Election of December 2019 arrived on December 15th. It was a narrow race; InvaderXYZ and Doctor_Tordoc won with 57.1% of the vote, defeating zZzAwake and Hero718 with 42.9% of the vote. There was minor controversy surrounding the election after the results were announced, when it was disclosed that two votes in favor of zZzAwake and Hero718 had been thrown out as they were cast hours after the polls should have closed. Had those two votes not been thrown out, zZzAwake and Hero718 would have won the election by a very slim margin-- and they almost weren't.

Inactive Era (Dec-Jan 2019/20) Edit

The Fall of the Republic of Texas Edit

2019-12-06 18.54.57

Christmas decorations in San Antonio stayed up for months, following the fall of the Republic.

Although the Second Presidential Election took place on December 15th, by this time most Texans had flocked to Gladia after its release on December 7th. Both President Chase61 and President Droppingbombs had disappeared by this point, leaving the administration in the hands of President InvaderXYZ and Vice President Doctor_Tordoc. However, after a brief discussion between the two, the reality of pulling the Republic of Texas together after such a massive loss seemed like a nigh-impossible task. Eventually, even those two succumbed to Gladia's allure.

With increasing levels of inactivity, the Republic of Texas began its fall. While not many Texans were there to witness the decay of the great nation, it is estimated that it finally fell somewhere in early to mid January 2020. It is reported that several Alaskans were saddened by this event-- including Lucius, himself.

Aftermath of the Republic of Texas (Jan-Mar 2020) Edit

Great Bwitannia Edit

Most of the former territory of the Republic of Texas was left uninhabited for months. A vast majority of the towns in the Republic of Texas fell, and those that continued to exist were either unaffiliated or joined the Republic of Alaska; such as New Washington doing the former, and New Vegas doing the latter. This state of affairs continued until March 9th, when the nation of Great Bwitannia settled a colony in the ruins of San Antonio known as South Texas. This was followed by another settlement in the ruins of San Antonio and Austin on March 15th, known as Camp Mabry.

Texan Nationalist Republic Edit

2020-03-18 19.39.38

Much of the old Republic of Texas remained intact, months later.

On March 13th, 2020, Ironbot1218 spoke with some of the former citizens of the Republic of Texas on behalf of Leader Lucius of the Republic of Alaska, requesting that they return to Nova and reform the Republic of Texas. Many Texans began considering the idea of returning to the server, including former President InvaderXYZ.

The first Texan to return was _Courier_6_, former Secretary of New Washington. He discovered that his town was being sieged by Unified Utah, and quickly met with Vice President SuperTNT20. After a quick discussion about the return of Texas, Unified Utah expressed that they were happy to see the return of an old nation. President Chickenboy102 of Utah kicked New Washington from the nation and gave Mayor _Courier_6_ $2000, in addition to some resources, to begin development of a new Texan state.

Government Edit

The Tripresidency Edit

Texan Map 2

A map created prior to the nation's founding to indicate the Texan founding fathers, as well as the initial territory of each state.

The Tripresidency is split between three officially recognized leaders: President Guerra, President Interna, and President Extranjero. Each president exercises control over a different domain and are composed of members of the Heads of State; who rotate the positions on the 15th of every month following the Presidential Election. They used to be known as Belli, Internus, and Extrarius, respectively.

  • President Guerra: This president serves as the strategic leader. Guerra has command over the army and all decisions pertaining to the military. In addition, Guerra has the ability to enact laws applying to the military and its relation to the state. Guerra can also serve as a negotiator if Extranjero is not present.
  • President Interna: This president serves as the domestic leader. Interna has command over the citizens and the workforce. This gives them the power to manage construction and economy, as well as enact laws pertaining to them. Interna can also enact embargoes and meet with Governors.
  • President Extranjero: This president serves as the foreign leader. Extranjero manages foreign relations and trade, including the ability to form alliances and declare war. This president can also pass legislation pertaining to the subject of foreign relations or affairs.

The Heads of State are a council of three designated to fill the positions of the Tripresidency. They consist of the leader of Austin, the leader of San Antonio, and an elected official. Political parties submit their nominations and compete in the primaries on the 10th, before the top two candidates become the official nominees for the presidency who compete for the position on the 15th.

Heads of State Elected # Held Office Political Party
Guerra Droppingbombs

Extranjero Chase61

Interna InvaderXYZ 1st 11/10/19 - 1/15/20 The Zen Party of Mcallen

Governors Edit

Governors lead large sections of territory dubiously known as states. Not only do Governors have jurisdiction over their towns and the laws that support them, but they gain jurisdiction over all of the territory just outside of their town’s claimed territory and are in-charge of border-disputes, as well as domestic and foreign relations on the local level. Although the Governorship has several powers, they are all superseded by the Tripresidency.

Governors have the power to design the structure of their municipal governments and can serve on the Supreme Court if nominated-- interpreting the laws until they are dismissed by two or more of the Tripresidency.

State of Austin Edit

2019-11-21 18.14.00

The capitol building at Austin.

Austin has existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th. Austin used to be the second biggest state in the Republic of Texas, but is now the eighth biggest state. It is home to the capital of the Republic of Texas: Austin. The city also serves as the capital of the state of Austin, as well. This is also the state with the second most population.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Chase61 1st 11/10/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of San Antonio Edit

2019-11-28 12.39.37

The center of San Antonio with the new airstrip.

San Antonio has existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th. San Antonio is the sister state to Austin and was once the sixth biggest state in the Republic of Texas. It is now the tenth biggest state and was on a steady decline due to inactivity and low population before Colonel Hero718 became Secretary.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Droppingbombs 1st 11/10/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of McAllen Edit

2019-11-22 21.41.19

McAllen at night.

McAllen has existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th. the city of McAllen is currently a part of the city of San Antonio but recognized as its own separate entity and thus, has been given their own state. McAllen is currently the ninth biggest state in the Republic of Texas and is primarily in charge of maintaining the Southern Border Wall-- which was entirely constructed by McAllen.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Doctor_Tordoc 1st 11/10/19 - 1/15/20 The Zen Party of McAllen

State of Houston Edit

2019-12-05 11.01.44

The heart of Houston in the rain.

Houston has existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th. Although not much for expansion, Houston was once the third biggest state in the Republic of Texas. They are now the 11th biggest state in Texas, although they are expected to grow with the formation of NASA.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
A2NRU 1st 11/10/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of Dallas Edit

2019-11-16 20.48.07

The star at the center of Dallas.

Dallas has existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th. Dallas was the first state to have a second town under its jurisdiction (Red River Valley), albeit it was later removed as the territory was no longer contested. The two territories later formed a history for competing over the surrounding land. Dallas has continued to be the fourth biggest state in the Republic of Texas.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Chalpis 1st 11/10/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of El Paso Edit

2019-12-05 19.29.44

Red Ridge at dawn.

El Paso has existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th. However, nobody inhabited the territory of El Paso, so the state's territory was cut to form the State of New Washington. Because of this, El Paso dropped from the biggest state in the Republic of Texas to only the eighth biggest state.

However, with the end of the North American War, the city of Red Ridge was taken from Nova America and became the capital of El Paso. The state soon became the third biggest, and Governor 73beetle was sworn into office on November 25th, 2019.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
73beetle 1st 11/25/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of New Washington Edit

2019-11-24 22.15.43

The new urban sector of New Washington.

Although New Washington has existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th, it is not one of the founding states and its territory was not defined until after the nation's founding. With strong ties to McAllen, the State of New Washington is the biggest state in the Republic of Texas-- and home to the Enclave.

The State of New Washington was the second state in the Republic of Texas to officially receive a second town within their state on November 16th: the city of Lubbock.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Enclave_Soldier 1st 11/10/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of Florida Edit

2019-12-05 19.30.44

The settlement of Tallahassee.

Florida, originally Miami, has existed as a state since the colonization of Florida on November 11th. Florida's designated territory is all of geographical Florida, south of Tampa. Florida was the seventh biggest state in the Republic of Texas before being demoted to twelfth biggest.

Despite Miami's size, the state grew much larger with the addition of Carthana-- making Miami the first state to have a second town. However, Carthana was later kicked from the Republic of Texas, shrinking it back down to size. The capitol was moved to Tallahassee on December 4th, renaming the state to Florida.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
ThikKrab 1st 11/11/19 - 12/4/19 Independent
MH33 2nd 12/4/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of Mojave Edit

2019-11-28 12.13.59

The growing metropolis of Phoenix

Mojave has existed as a state since the founding of Phoenix on November 15th, and was the Republic of Texas's first major expansion into the west. The state used to be known as Arizona prior to the acquisition of New Vegas. The state was officially renamed on November 20th and is the second biggest state in the Republic of Texas.

Although the state with the most population used to be Austin, following the Political Party Reform Act, Mojave has become the most populated state in the Republic of Texas. The state is currently split between the Phoenix Party and the Miner's Party.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
TheIronHamster 1st 11/15/19 - 1/15/20 Phoenix Party

State of Colorado Edit

2019-12-05 19.31.08

The entrance to Colorado Springs.

Colorado has existed as a state since the founding of Colorado Springs on November 17th, and is the Republic of Texas's first major expansion into the north. Colorado was subject to many attacks from Nova America during the North American War, as it was founded on the day war was declared. Colorado is the seventh biggest state in the Republic of Texas.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Acehard01 1st 11/17/19 - 1/15/20 Independent

State of Tennessee Edit

2019-11-28 12.09.53

The city of New Memphis after rapid growth.

Tennessee has existed as a state since the end of the North American War on November 23rd. Originally, Bentonville was intended to become the capital, but it was later diverted to New Memphis on the very same day. The cities of New Memphis, Nashville, and Bentonville make-up the state. Tennessee is the fifth biggest state and the first state in the Republic of Texas to encompass three towns. The largest city in the state is New Memphis, which has 16 residents. The city hit a massive growth-spurt on November 27th, 2019. After that growth spurt, it peaked at 28 members before dropping to 13 due to inactivity from Gladia. The town still stands strong today.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Notorious_IGGSTER 1st 11/23/19 - 1/15/20 The Ratboy Genius Party

Previous States Edit

State of Israel Edit

Although Israel had existed as a state since the nation's founding on November 10th, it was not one of the founding states and its territory was mostly undefined. With strong ties to San Antonio, the State of Israel used to be the ninth biggest state in the Republic of Texas-- before its secession on November 15th.

Governor # Held Office Political Party
Moses___ 1st 11/10/19 - 11/15/19 Independent

Stateless Territories Edit

There are several Texan territories that are currently stateless, as they have either not warranted the organization of a State, or do not exist within the borders of a defined Texan state.

  • Ermelo (McAllen)
  • Hobo Base
  • NASA
  • Charlotte
  • New Spawn
  • Ummenberg

Ermelo and NASA are both more along the lines of territories owned by Texan-based organizations and are not governed in the same fashion as typical cities. In the case of NASA, they are not granted either a Governor or a Mayor, but a Chairman; who represents the entire organization of NASA.

In the cases of Charlotte, New Spawn, and Ummenberg, their official state territories have not been officially designated as of yet.

Cities Edit

The Republic of Texas has cities across the North American southeast; with the founding five cities having all inhabited the geographic area of Texas.

  • Austin (Founded September 25th, 2019)
  • San Antonio (Founded September 30th, 2019)
  • McAllen (Founded October 4th, 2019)
  • Houston (Founded October 5th, 2019)
  • Dallas (Founded October 28th, 2019)
  • New Washington (Founded November 9th, 2019)
  • Miami (Founded November 11th, 2019)
  • Phoenix (Founded November 15th, 2019)
  • Lubbock (Founded November 16th, 2019)
  • Colorado Springs (Founded November 17th, 2019)
  • New Orleans (Founded September 22nd, 2019)
  • New Vegas (Founded September 27th, 2019)
  • Red Ridge (Founded September 29th, 2019)
  • Bentonville (Founded October 3rd, 2019)
  • Hobo Base (Founded November 22nd, 2019)
  • New Memphis (Founded November 23rd, 2019)
  • Oklahoma City (Founded November 23rd, 2019)
  • Fort Worth (Founded November 22nd, 2019)
  • NASA (Founded November 25th, 2019)
  • Nashville (Founded November 25th, 2019)
  • Charlotte (Founded November 27th, 2019)
  • New Spawn (Founded November 29th, 2019)
  • Tallahassee (Founded December 4th, 2019)
  • Ummenberg (Founded December 2nd, 2019)
  • Atlanta (Founded December 6th, 2019)

Previous Cities Edit

These are a couple of cities that were formerly a part of the Republic of Texas, and have since left.

  • Israel (Founded October 10th, 2019)
    • Seceded on November 15th to form Greater Israel.
  • Carthana (Founded October 13th, 2019)
    • Kicked from the nation on November 22nd for causing issues.
  • Omaha Base (Founded October 15th, 2019)
    • Occupied by Texan forces until being handed to Alaska on November 23rd.
  • Grand Junction (Founded October 25th, 2019)
    • Currently occupied by Texan forces.
  • Grand Canyon (Founded October 31st, 2019)
    • Currently occupied by Texan forces.
  • Goshen (Founded September 25th, 2019)
    • Seceded on November 23rd to rejoin Nova America.
  • Annapolis (Founded September 26th, 2019)
    • Seceded on November 22nd to form New England.
  • Saul Ste Marie/Spawn
    • Disbanded on November 29th to form New Spawn.

Political Parties Edit

Zen Party of McAllen Edit

The Zen Party of McAllen, also known as the ZPM, is a political party formed on November 7th, 2019. The party's political ideology is based on a moderate version of Zen Anarchism and Zen Nationalism; focusing on core ideas such as a strong economy, actionable military, close foreign alliances, civil liberties, and power to the states. This has namely been influenced by party leader's time spent under the rule of Nova America.

The party selects its presidential nominations by recommendation of the Party Leader, and has participated in both the presidential elections of November and December 2019. So far they have won the presidency twice, with the nomination of InvaderXYZ. Party leader Doctor_Tordoc has also been selected as the Vice President for December 2019. On December 7th, the ZPM polled at 40% of the vote.

The party has since evolved into the Zen Parti Nationale in the Kingdom of Zen. The ZPN is more true to the ZPM's roots in Zen Anarchism and Zen Nationalism, and is the international parent organization despite being younger than the ZPM, the subsidiary. The ZPN was formed on December 5th, 2019, with the introduction of the Zennist Manifesto.

"In the school of Zennist thought, one must understand that a system of government is dynamic; it must be able to shift itself to re-align with the needs and desires of the people, following the theory of self-repairing government. Any government that is not designed to accommodate the whims of the people, will ultimately fail."
Since the nation's founding, the ZPM have taken ideological control of the Republic of Texas; having designed the system of government, moving from small-scale McAllen to much of the nation. However, Zen Millennials such as the Ratboy Genius Party and the Builder's Union are indicating a shift away from this-- as the ZPM's policies have yet to build a strong economy within the Republic of Texas. Economic policy within the ZPM is split between Zen Traditionalist socialist policy and Zen Millennialist capitalist policy; juggling the tenets of anarcho-socialism and anarcho-capitalism.

The Technocracy Initiative Edit

The Technocracy Initiative, also known as the TIP, is a political party formed on November 10th, 2019. The party focuses on the core ideas of civil liberty, social reform, and control of the government and industry by technical experts instead of the wealthy.

The TIP plans to create a future of prosperity, peace, and wealth through social and technological superiority within the Republic of Texas. The party does not contain any members who have served in government, making the Technocracy Initiative the only political party to not have any influence over policy.

Nominations for the Technocracy Initiative are chosen by the Council of Experts. The details on the Council of Experts has not been stipulated, but it is assumed that this council includes the party leader. The party has participated in the presidential election of November 2019, with DieTheVillain making it past the primaries but losing with 25% of the vote.

Although the party nominated DieTheVillain for the presidential election of November 2019, the party has not seen much activity or support since then. Their highest level of support was when they were able to secure 25% of the vote during the presidential election of November 2019, and they have not selected any further nominations.

The Ratboy Genius Party Edit

The Ratboy Genius Party, also known as the RBGP, is a political party formed on November 27th, 2019. The party was founded around Ratboygeniusism, a religion that swept through New Washington and Tennessee. The party is based in New Memphis, and focuses on low taxes, agriculture friendly policy, environmentally friendly policy, and conservative ideals.

The RBGP selections its nominations for the presidency by holding their own in-party primaries before the national primaries. They have participated in one election, nominating Governor Notorious_IGGSTER for the presidential election of December 2019. He later picked Creeperkillergah as his Vice President, campaigning hard on policy over popularity. On December 7th, the party was polling at 20% support.

One of the official stances the party holds, is that Nova America needs to be removed from the continent, and possibly the globe. They maintain that this needs to happen economically, before finishing them off with another war. However, they believe that ultimately that may all be unnecessary. In addition to wanting to create an initiative to fund the settling of new towns with starter money and new resources, the Ratboy Genius Party also wants to maintain an official state religious authority known as the Chaplain.

Miner's Party Edit

The Miner's Party, also known as the MP, is an international political party formed on July 26th, 2019. The Manifesto of the Miner's Party indicates their core values in its introduction:

"In the midst of war and toxicity, the people of the town of Sankara united to create the Miner’s Party and implement their philosophy. The communal system proposed by the Miner’s Party is proven to be the most successful system on any towny server, leading to explosive economic growth, and more importantly the growth of a friendly and active community. As the Miner’s movement grows international, the founding party wrote this document to guide other Miners worldwide.
As Miners, we fight against toxicity, imperialism by large nations, and terrorists. Our goal is to create an environment on the server which is healthy and encourages activity."
The Miner's Party focuses on communal-living and town-support. They campaign heavily on economic policy, and do not focus much on individual political stances; choosing to focus on the revolutionary aspect and the intent to rid the international community of toxicity and imperialism. This shows in their strong belief in international unity, as well as their self-described loyalty to the people.

The Miner's Party has several different factions. Since they do not stipulate specific political ideals and focus on economic policy, they have a wide range of support. The Revolutionary Miner's Party, the most popular faction, absorbed the Monarchist Miner's Party on August 13th, 2019. The party has maintained at least four different factions within the party itself.

Although the Miner's Party has subsidiary factions, the party specified as representing the people of the Republic of Texas has been the international party. There are currently no subsidiaries for the Republic of Texas, or any kind of local leadership. This is primarily due to the party's focus on Gladia at the time of entrance into Texan discourse.

The Miner's Party participated in the presidential election of December 2019 by nominating Mayor AchMine2k from the presidency. After polling at 0% support during the presidential election on December 7th, Mayor AchMine2k dropped out of the presidential election following Governor TheIronHamster's own resignation from the election.

Builder's Union Edit

The Builders' Union, also known as the BU, is a political party formed on November 29th, 2019. The party focuses on supporting the nation's towns with funding and resources, as well as community projects, indicating that mayors, builders, and farmers are the backbone of the nation. They also advocate for the improvement of Texan culture.

The nomination is selected by the party leader, and the Builders' Union has participated in one election, nominating Colonel zZzAwake for the presidential election of December 2019. He later selected Colonel Hero718 as his Vice President, being the first to do so and campaigning with a focus on popularity and public image. However, the party is not devoid of policy; advocating for improved elections and town support.

The Builders' Union shows the most support in New Spawn and San Antonio, indicating popularity within the southern demographic. On December 7th, the Builders Union was polling at 26.7% of the vote.

Phoenix Party Edit

The Phoenix Party, also known as the PP, is a political party formed on December 1st, 2019. The party was founded primarily as a means for Phoenix to gain economic support from the government following the Political Party Reform Act, but stands for a few core values. The Phoenix Party believes in strong military, little government laws, infrastructure, and large expansion.

The Phoenix Party has not released information on how they select their nomination for the presidential election, and have participated in in one election; nominating Governor TheIronHamster for the presidential election of December 2019. The Phoenix Party did not picked a Vice President, indicating that they may be against the existence of such a position. Governor TheIronHamster later dropped out of the presidential election on December 7th, with the party polling at 13.3% of the vote.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Republic of Texas was officially formed, the first towns joined the nation in the following order: Austin, Dallas, Houston, Israel, New Washington, Miami, San Antonio, McAllen.
    • San Antonio and McAllen did not join until November 14th, due to Governor Droppingbombs being inactive.
  • The culture of the Republic of Texas takes from real-world Texas, Germany, Mexico, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and the Caddo.
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