Taipei Taoyuan International Airport (or Taipei Airport for short) is an upcoming airport being built near Taipei, Nova. Once completed, it will be the largest airport on Datearth.

Development Edit

The airport was first suggested by Ducki_D, Taipei's mayor. After a request for an airport in Handan was refused, Airplaneguy9 decided to build a new mega-airport in Taipei.

The airport will have a large passenger terminal, a cargo terminal, and two parellel 100m long concrete runways - the longest in the world. It is set to be the Far East hub.

Airlines and destinations Edit

Airline Destinations
FlyNovus Cape Town
Air Carolina Carolina*
East Asian Airlines Phuket, Hangzhou, Pyongyang, Shanghai, Cologne, Mikawa, Banjarmasin

*This flight operates via San Francisco. Air California does not have rights to solely transport passengers between San Francisco and Taipei.

Trivia Edit

  • The runways were going to originally be 144m long, but they were cut due to costs
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