Initial Battles Edit

Prior to the direct war involving the US, major early battles took place on the Russian Empire home-front against the attackers. NorthPass and New Tokyo were two of the most major battles that led to the Russian Empire merging into Jizhong Asia who would then eventually merge into the US. There was little to no military support for the Russian Empire which led to their downfall.

Attack on Brasilia Edit

On August 13th, 2020, the United States laid siege to the capital of the third Empire of Brazil, in order to seemingly calm down the Nation. This siege was an incredibly aggressive move as Brasilia was heavily defended and surrounded by other Brazilian towns. The siege was a blowout, hitting -100,000 points by the 2nd day of the siege in favor of the defenders.

The US Defense and Counterattack Edit

After the attack on Brasilia, Brazil attacked Freeport, Epstein mansion and Washington D.C, Polaris 2.0 attacked Riverwood, Imperial Chile attacked Demons Run,Amarillo, el paso, and Serenity attacked Kingston. This offensive forced the US on the defensive of the war. Freeport,Washington D.C. and Kingston all lost their defenses which greatly decreased US moral. The Americans' psychological state was shaken by questionable bans and sieges in the towns of their important soldiers. Even so, The United States has regained its morale and disposition through the union of its members, diplomacy and integration of new allies and towns, and the desire for revenge. The result of the internal regrouping was clear on the battlefield, with the siege at Riverwood exceeding -65,000, Demons_Run at approximately -75,000 and Epstein Mansion at -15,000. After the defensive and the resumption of Washington D.C and Kingston in counterattacks, the United States began to counter attack Chile and dismantle the nation internally through diplomatic agreements with town leaders.

Brazil's Retreat Edit

After being defeated at Riverwood, and losing claims in North America as well as the successful defense of the USA's hold in Southern Venezuela, the Empire of Brazil pulled out of the war. Around the same time, Democratic residents of the Nation demanded the empire reduce their claims, pull put of the war, and reform. The nation then reformed back into its original state as Brazil and a new leader took over the nation.

To further cripple the nation, this new leader kicked the captured town of Washington DC from the nation, therefore diminishing all ties and connections in North America. This new leader then transferred equipment gathered from the war to a new location, left the nation, and began the Brazilian Civil War. (note this civil war never ended up becoming anything big) Brazil soon after merged into GB again.

The Battle of Casa del Plato and The Fall of Chile Edit

On the 24th of August, 2020, Imperial Chile collapsed, merging into the U.S. after a devestating siege at it's capital, Casa del Pato. At the start of the siege of Casa del Plato the U.S had a large part of it's army ready starting with a large offensive push before the defenders took notice and began to defend, however the defenders were notified as soon as the siege began and mobilizied to defend constructing one of the quickest forts in Nova's history. While the initial fights were in the defenders favour the US and its allies began to use trench warfare which proved to be rather effective in the desert terrain. The fighting continued throughtout the first day of the siege with both sides taking casualties, however as both sides began to get banner sickness the fighting dwindled down and for the most part there wasnt anymore battles which took place at the town until the end of the siege which ended in the US's favour. Soloduck, Emperor of Chile failed to move his capital/merge into his capital so when he was captured to capital of Chile moved to San Vista, Toymaster3, its mayor turned out to be loyal to the US and merged the nation into them causing Chile to cease to exist. The IRS also sieged Akihabara, Capital of Nintendo Co, they won here capturing and ruining the town, taking out the nation nintendo co. at the same time.

The Battle for Britain Edit

Rising Tensions within Greater Britannia Edit

After the sieges on Chile had finished new sieges werent started right away, so for a time the war began to calm down for most, but for GB another situation had begun to manifest. A land dispute, Asianjesus420 had originally owned wales months before but had left his town to ruin to inactivity multiple times, leaving sniper_dawg, Mayor of Liverpool, to claim the Welsh land for his town. The two of them would bicker and argue while others tried to descalate the situation, The PM of GB managed to settle a deal where Asianjesus would pay 8k for the land but Sniper still refused causing the tensions to keep boiling

At this point Wales, london and Yorkshire threatened to revolt so that they could siege liverpool if nothing was done but to their suprise the Nation leader sided with them and tried to have Sniper give up the land.

This was futile as Sniper still refused to give up the land. This would later lead to the London and Wales revolt which would mark the start of the battle.

The Siege of New Glasgow Edit

Wales and London would revolt joining the US giving them a staging point right in the British Homeland allowing them to siege much easier.

The US tax nation of IRS would siege New Glasgow from its northern most point, at first this would've seemed like a good spot to the US due to its utter lack of defenses that where set up, however that would quickly change.

The early hours of the siege started with the US having majority of its army pushing and while the defenders werent as quick to mobilize on New Glasgow as they were Chile, the fort they would build would provide a much better defense. The attackers would gain a few kills in the first hour but also suffered quite a few loses with the first of the Nukes being used early on before the fort was built.

While the fort was being constructed after the intial push the defenders realised the grave mistake of the attackers, they had started the siege on an island, off the coast of the town, the coast which was completely claimed meaning that by destroying the small island the attackers would be forced into ocean combat.

The New Glasgow mayor Bwackjack, would bring a beacon to the siege fort on the tail end of the 1st day giving the defender access to haste 2 inbetween pushes to destroy any structures the attackers had built aswell meaning they would have to rebuilt upon attacking again.

As the Battle continued into the 2nd day the defenders would amass around 50k points, defeating the US in their pushes, and using a number a single and double Nuclear Bombs which would wipe the majority and in some cases entire US army out as they tried to gain banner. The US would begin to enlist in until now retired nova players and the Nation of Asa, who had stopped playing for the most part to help them but this proved futile as by the third day the defenders had reached 100 thousand points in the defense's favour, the defenders would jokingly spend time in between pushes "beautifying the fort" making it look nicer.

The siege would end with around 15-20 nukes being used in total by both sides, 100k points in the defense favour.

This would mark the start of the turning point in the war, and would be the first of many heavy loses, as the US had lost $26000 in this siege,

London and Wales + Yunami Edit

Wales would be sieged at the very start of the New Glasgow siege to stop the attackers using it as jumping point, however London would be used instead and due to it having immunity, it would not be sieged until later. The wales siege would gain points in the attackers favour for the first 2 days but was mostly ignored until the US realized that New Glasgow was already lost to them, after the Wales siege started the US ally of Mongolia would also siege the British town of Yunami, attacking it throught the New Glasgow siege with little help from the US.

In the end Victory was in GB's favour in both the Wales and Yunami sieges, and wales would be put to ruin before being looted by the victors (it would later be remade as a peaceful town)

After wales had been sieged London remained as a US town on the UK soil, London would be sieged using a US banner that was taken from the fallen Wales and the last battle on the British Isles would begin,

At first it seemed like the defense from the US would be minimal but as the siege drew to the 2nd day the US would began to push heavily using around 20 nukes on the small defense. This would proof to be futile as the siege would be won by the attackers and would the town would later be deleted by its mayor who would fleed to Australia.

The Turning Point - Destruction of Mongolia and the IRS Edit


The Ottoman Empire, would be born its first act being to siege the US tax nation of IRS at its capital, Qatari East Africa. There was not much fighting at the siege and it would be won, the town would be plundered and ruined but not before the nation would be merged into the US

Mongolia would also merge but this time into GB, switching sides before GB and its allies began to siege Mongolian towns.

The Complete destruction of the United States Edit

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