The Norman Empire, officially The Norman Empire Realm and informally Normandy, is a nation in the Nova map with its capital Blackhaven situated in England. It was founded on September 25, 2019, by morte_rossa. Amsterdam is the most populous town.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The Norman Empire, before it was a nation, was a collection of small towns looking to ally themselves, in light of Liverpool being the largest town in Northern Europe at that time. To be able to teleport between themselves, they all joined Zhao until Gav8077 had enough funds to create the nation. Once he did, he handed over leadership to morte_rossa and after two days, all of the towns were in the nation.

To the dismay of the leaders, the Norman Empire has since become a temporary nation for towns to enter until they have the funds necessary to create their own. The High Lords are cracking down on this, requiring all towns to stay in the nation. The Norman Empire will also stop inviting all new towns that have been created.

Carthaginian War Edit

On October 6th, 2019, the Norman Empire declared war on Carthage. Carthage is a state that many other nations have denounced it as a sponsor of terrorism. The war saw the first major use of nuclear weaponry in a major conflict. The war ended on October 11th with a Norman victory. Carthage had to give up $20,000 worth of items in the peace agreement.


Post Carthaginian War Edit

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