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The United Kingdom and Ireland is a proposed nation for Polis by Derpnuke and Barataca spanning across The United Kingdom, Ireland, Montserrat, Bermuda, Gibraltar, and India. Some of its members include Barataca, Rqche, Beholder, GrovDeutschland and _Maires. It also sits at the head of the United Allies of Polis and is a member of the European Union.


Early Pre-Release and Social-Development[]

The nation started with the players DerpNuke and Barataca, both wanting prominence of somekind of DatEarth. This ambition was originally supposed to be on Gladia but the announcement of Polis convinced them otherwise. The nation was originally South Africa, with the two claiming South Africa, Lesotho, Eswatini, Namibia, Botswana, and southern Mozambique--however this was in direct conflict with Blend's claims in the area, who then suggested the two to go to the United Kingdom. The nation first started out as a completely centralized-imperial state due to conflict with the claims of the nation of Yorkshire, who also claimed GB and Ireland. But after around 1 week a partition was reached and the two nations became close allies. As the United Kingdom grew, it became more and more apparent that this nation was going to be very large, and soon enough there were legendary players like MCBurgerWarrior, TheOtherBeholder, and Olhsoo joined. At some point the nation evolved into a constitutional-monarchy/empire.

Before Polis even existed, there was much conflict with PAL(Pan American League), Ottoman Empire, and Brazil, who all threatened the UK. PAL eventually fell due to Rqche a leader in PAL, betrayed PAL for they had not been treating the UK correctly, and he eventually joined the UK. This caused the downfall of PAL. The UK became very organized after this, it also started to gain many members (around 28 by release), it gained a military lead by MCburgerwarrior, and aided in the creation of the EUDEFFOR (European Union DEFence FORce).

Late Pre-Release[]

As mentioned before there was much conflict, the conflict eventually died down with Brazil, but the Ottoman Empire still remained and continued to remain after release, but before release the Ottoman Empire threatened the UK, the EU, and the United Allies multiple times, one threat of the Ottoman Empire was that they would take London from the UK, so the military began to be fully organized with pvpers to defend the to-be capital, but many still did not take it seriously and began to think that it was just another lie of the Ottoman Empire, but it was not....

Release Day[]

It began in chaos, the Polis queue being filled 300% Datblock achieved 1000 online players at once for the first time in history! Barataca, other UK allies, and citizens all spawned in Turkey where most spawned.. Everyone rushe dto said land including the British Empire and Celtics however the British got it first because they had better people, derpnuke cried and work a post on this making biasim claims, as a result London Birmingham Cork etc were all taken by English citizens and Derp had lost his power to Olhsoo already, the Celtics were formed.

Following Days after Release[]

After the loss, the leaders in the UK decided for the time, to split into 3 kingdoms, Celtic(Scotland), Ireland, and DerpNuke cried for the rest of his life.