Transylvania (Romanian: Transilvania) is a duchy within the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is currently

lead by "shamrocki", who is also the mayor of Transylvania's capital, Brasov. Transylvania is mainly Romanian, such as its southern neighbor Wallachia, but has a mix of Hungarian and "Vampire" culture as well. Transylvania is popular for Vampires, and as such a Vampire Outpost is planned there.

Transylvania borders Hungary and Serbia to the west, Ukraine and Poland to the north, and Wallachia to the south. Its geography is mostly Spruce forest, with some Dark Oak bits and pieces to the south. It is also quite mountainous, and its grass is a dull green, as shared with most of eastern Europe.

Cities (1)

Brasov - The capital and currently largest city in Transylvania, with plans to add lots more to it soon. It is currently in a young form, with shopping districts not complete and housing just starting to be added.

City ruins are found in the border of Hungary as well. Although mostly on the Hungarian side, this abandoned place has been moved to what is now Bucharest, the capital of Wallachia.

Transylvania's banner is tilted 90° to the left, and its wool flag form is a 3:5 ratio on average. Its banner form is a simple tri-color, with Yellow and Blue stripes (far left and far right respectively) filling a Red Banner. A picture of the banner is shown below.

Transylvania banner

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​​​​​​The flag is the same as the banner, except with Blue on top, Red in the middle, and Yellow at the bottom. It is made usually with wool and can be seen on display at the Brasov spawn and the Parliament Building in Vienna, although shown with a 3:6 ratio.

The banner was originally the same as the current one, but with a lighter shade of blue used instead (determined by a referendum). Due to high controversy and several complaints, a second referendum was held in which a submission that used the colors Pink Yellow and Light Blue, similar to the Transgender flag, was picked. This submission was largely voted for by meme, however, and it was dubbed the TRANSylvania flag. Shamrocki felt, that although the majority won, the flag wasn't to be taken seriously and as such changed the current banner/flag to the one used today. However, during Pride month and International Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20th), the flag is to be used to compromise.

Currently, the population of Transylvania is 2. This is to be heavily expanded soon.

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