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World War Polis 1 is the first major war to take place on Polis. The impacts of the war spread across Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. It has included a large multitude of nations on both sides.

The war also sparked a lot of controversy on both sides. Many reports of EDF toxicity disrupted the stability of the alliance, and many "cases" of point-feeding had been used by the Serbians.



The nation of Serbia, not seen by the world as a threat or a superpower, grew to a monsterous size before the war began, performing exceptionally in many local wars. As Serbia grew and continued to blow through territory and expand, European powers banded together to halt the expansion.

Serbian Invasion of Germany[]

On April 19, 2021, following a large blitz from Serbia on Germany, the German Empire disbanded causing a large power gap to appear in Europe. Notable defenders at Germany included German, Japanese, and Kawnish soldiers.

Serbian War on Papal States of Corn, KawnCorp, and Thrace[]

With the fall of the German Empire, Serbia set its sights towards eliminating the Kawnish, which defended Germany. They continued their European expansion by sieging Vaticorn City, Papal States of Corn. Vaticorn City lost the defense, resulting in a military occupation by Serbian forces. However, KawnCorp was successful in liberating the city with assistance from Japanese forces. Around this time, Serbia advanced on Thrace, Ottoman Empire; resulting in an attacker victory.

EDF Resistance[]

Seeing the effects Serbia was having on the world. The Celtic nations of France, Vrystaat, Portugal, KawnCorp, and the remains of Germany united together to form the European Defense Force, aka EDF. Later on, Imperial Japan and Ottoman Empire would also join the coalition.

Serbian Invasion of France[]

On April 24, 2021, Serbia sieged a multitude of towns in France, most importantly, Paris. For the first two days, the defenders were taking huge losses as the Ottoman Empire assisted Serbia in its efforts at Paris. However, on the final day of the sieges, not only did EDF recover the score on Paris, but gained a lead on all other French towns under siege with Japan's assistance. Serbia's offensive on France was a devastating failure.

EDF Counterattack on Constantinople[]

On April 29, 2021, the Celtic nation of Merseyside with EDF sieged Constantinople, Spartan Empire, a Serbian nation. This being EDF's first counter-attack on Serbia. In a surprising turn of events, the Ottoman Empire had decided to assist EDF in fighting against Constantinople. There are many theories to why this is, from the controversy surrounding [Admin] Marsun02, to the idea that Ottomans were only ever interested in making money off of sieges. However, all that is important is that the Spartan Empire won the defense at Constantinople.

Bloemfontein and Ankara[]

On May 4, 2021, the Holy Serbian Empire (former Spartan Empire) sieged Bloemfontein, the capital of Vrystaat. The next two days were one defeat after another in favor of the attackers. On May 6, 2021, the Holy Serbian Empire sieged Ankara, the capital of Ottoman Empire. By this time, EDF had given up defending at Bloemontein and were now focused on assisting Ottomans at Ankara. However, the king of the Ottoman Empire asked that only specific fighters be allowed at Ankara. As the siege on Ankara ended, the score had never been so close, however, the defenders were victorious in fending off the Serbian forces.

May 10th Rollback[]

On May 10, 2021, a devastating event took place across the server. A bug was discovered that allowed for anyone to unclaim chunks of any town. Giving them access to whatever the user wanted. Major cities who fell victim to this attack were KawnCorp, Skoplje, Normandy, and Rome. KawnCorp alone losing over $1 million worth of gear. To solve the issue, the Datblock staff team rolled back the world by over 6 hours. While no notable players were banned after this incident, screenshots show players from Serbia, Wakali Wood, etc looting all these large, rich cities.

Akatsuki vs Histalia[]

After the former Serbian ally, Akatsuki left the Serbian coalition. Akatsuki, and the Siberian vassal, Histalia would go to war with one another. One notable siege early on taking place on May 24, 2021 at Monsoon City and at Histalia's capital shortly after.


On May 24, 2021, KawnCorp supported by several members of EDF blitzed the nation of Danelaw. Even though Danelaw had cut its ties with Serbia and Akatsuki, the sieges continued leading to the death of Danelaw.

End of War[]

On May 27, 2021, Serbian vassal and its main nation merged together with ComradeFunkyy as the new king and pledging that Serbia will now become a peaceful nation that seeks collaboration, alliances, and defense. The following statement was put out from the new king as power was transferred.

"Srdjan and the Serbian leadership decided to give me King for their own personal reasons, they did NOT quit the server. They will be defending our nation if it's under attack as always, Serbia is as strong as ever. However, under my leadership I have decided to introduce major new policies. Our nation will no longer strive to invade others but instead, we will be a bringer of peace to the world and hopefully, we will succeed in this task. We may collaborate with alliances such as EDF that aim to stop mass expansion and imperialism. Sincerely, Funky"